Up Close & Personal … The Red-Breasted Nuthatch

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There are lots and lots of these tiny red-breasted nuthatches in the woods behind our house. How do I know you might wonder? Well, I know because I can hear them calling in their thin nasally voice all day long. For a tiny (4 1/2 inches) bird they sure are noisy!

In one of my bird guides, nuthatches are listed under the “tree climbers”.

And climb they do!!
They climb straight up!
And they climb straight down!
Head first!!

They are quite agile and show off their acrobatic skills at the bird feeders and in the trees. They often sit and watch me refill the suet and bird seed for them. Once I back away, they start to call out for their friends to come join the feast. They are fun to watch and aren’t afraid of me standing right next to them.

Of the three nuthatches in our area, this is the one we see all the time. I’ve never seen the white-breasted nuthatch in our garden during all the years we’ve lived in Portland. We also get the brown creeper. They look exactly like a piece of  tree bark and can be difficult to spot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve only seen one once in the trees behind us.

Do you have nuthatches where you live?

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21 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Red-Breasted Nuthatch”

  1. These are great shots Sabine … I love his markings – very pretty! I like how you said you fill the feeder and offer suet, then he calls out to his friends. I see and hear that with the jays at the porch. One is the sentry and looks out for the storm door to open, and soon the beautiful song becomes a screech as he calls the other jay(s) to join him.


  2. Where I live (in the Hudson Valley), the white-breasted nuthatch is one seen daily at the seed feeder.  I do see the red-breasted version occasionally (and often enough to appreciate how well U caught the subtle colors).

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    • The white-breasted nuthatch is fun too! They are supposed to be in the nature park a half mile away, but I’ve never seen one here in over 14 years. We did have them everywhere we ever lived in Northern California. But the red-breasted nuthatch is just as nice to have. This one was just sitting and giving me a chance to really get a good look. He also didn’t look as scraggly as they often do! Thanks for reading and commenting, Mel!

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  3. I had no idea that Nuthatches climb up and down the trees! Thanks for the tidbit of info, Sabine, as well as the great photos! Have a fabulous week!

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