Sunday Zen … Our Newfound Freedom

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… Space …
… Sand … Sun … Surf …

… to my left …

… to my right …

… high-up  in the sky … a kite …

… some people quietly delight …

… in all of nature’s might …

… crashing waves … briny air … Haystack Rock …

… while I take a look at my handy’s clock …

… Hello Kitty waves goodbye from above …

… let’s get something to eat, before we’re off.

Last week the Zendog and I went on a day trip to Cannon Beach for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Yes, we could have gone sooner, but while the infection rates were high most beach communities pleaded for visitors to stay away because they don’t have sophisticated medical centers like big cities. So we waited until we both got vaccinated and the numbers came down. It was worth the wait as we were able to relax and even enjoy our first meal out in a year and a half. A small restaurant had converted their parking lot into a “dining room” with plenty of space between picnic tables. Everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves on this warm spring day. Things are looking much better now, so we will venture out more often, keeping our safety and that of others in mind as we reacquaint ourselves with this strange new world.

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Zen … Our Newfound Freedom”

  1. A year and a half! Incredible. It must have felt like a trip to a foreign country. So glad that you made it through the pandemic okay and things are on the improve.
    This looks like a lovely spot.

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    • Yes, it’s been tough here for many people, especially the ones who had no choice as to staying home or working from home. The vaccinations are going well and hopefully enough of us will get the shot to help protect all of us. You guys are lucky to have had a relatively easy time with the pandemic in comparison to many other countries. I hope things take a turn for the better around the globe soon!

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      • Yes we are very lucky, but a time of reckoning might come when they open the borders. Hopefully the vaccinations will be ahead of the virus. I feel safe, for now. Not in the longer term.

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    • First meal out in a year and a half, Wayne! Otherwise the breeze at the beach would have blown me away. 😉 The first meal out was fish & chips at this hole in the wall place right off of the water. It’s not something I usually do, but it seemed fitting in the moment, especially after having been in such a rut all year. It was delicious, but I did feel guilty!

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      • After 14 months you can spoil yourself and not worry about guilt Sabine!
        You need to move to a more rural place or even Canada! We have tons of room!

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      • Thanks Wayne! Yes, we’d like to be farther out and are considering our options. Canada would be nice too, but I think it’s difficult to get in unless one’s really rich or possesses a special skill that’s needed.

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      • Moving to another country is quite involved. I’ve done it several times and it’s always sad to leave people and certain things behind, even if one can visit. I’ve been here for 40 years, our kids are here and despite my gripes about politics and the gun violence it is home. But voting your area in B.C. is definitely on the list once things get more normalized! 🙂

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      • moving down the street or moving to another country ……they are both consuming.
        I moved from my security Sept 1990 and have never looked back. Pro’s and Con’s….depends where you pitch your tent?

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      • Yes, now that we no longer have to move for work we can figure out where we want to be. I’m positive that the right place will appear for us when it’s time. I am ready for a much more simplified life! Tofino is a beautiful area and I can see why you’ve never looked back! 🙂

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  2. Christine says:

    I’m soooo glad you finally made it to the coast! What a breath of fresh air. FYI. our bluebird family appears to have successfully raised their babies and left the nest box.

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    • We’re going to go back sometime soon at low tide. There are some great tide pools around Haystack Rock to explore. I’m very happy to hear that your bluebird family was successful! I hope they return next year. 🙂

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  3. Nice. I’m glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy yourselves. It looks like you had fabulous weather to boot!

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  4. I’ve been having some anxiety about going out other than the parks around here even though fully vaccinated. I did venture out to the organic produce market that I haven’t visited in over a year. Delightful! And I finally got my teeth cleaned! I am taking baby steps until I try an out-of-town visit to my mother-in-laws. You’d think I’d be ecstatic but it is weird going out again. Lovely beach. Now that I would try.

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    • Baby steps is what I am doing too, LuAnne! I’m going a little more often to the store to pick up fresh produce and earlier this week we drove about an hour south of here where I browsed a super cool small art store and stocked up on painting supplies. It was really fun despite having to wear a mask. The mask I will continue until I feel completely safe indoors. Also, I have similar feelings about going out again, but I think part of it is that I feel safe in my cocoon and have been focusing on lots of other projects. Your produce market sounds like my kind of place!! Stay safe and have a great visit with your mother-in-law!

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  5. You were brave Sabine in venturing out and were rewarded for your efforts with lunch and some beautiful sights. I really like those colorful kites that are gliding through a perfectly blue sky. I’m not so brave as you, but will come around eventually. Meantime I still mask up everywhere and an vert cautious about everything.

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    • Well, it did feel kind of strange after being home for so long. At the same time it felt liberating! I still wear a mask when I go to the store and keep my distance from people, especially the ones I don’t know. We’ve done a second day trip since and that was a little more enjoyable as I got to browse a small local art shop in that town and stock up on paints, paper and brushes. It will be a while before I can totally relax out in the world, Linda! Small steps close to home is smart. I believe and each one of us has to take reentering the world at their own pace and comfort level. There’s nothing wrong with being extra cautious!!

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      • I’ve heard a few psychologists on the radio saying not to shame those who are reluctant to jump on the bandwagon right away. I’m holding back and being extra cautious but Michigan was in such dire straits for so long. We had 72 deaths the other day from COVID, 11 yesterday, so we’re not out of the woods yet. And all the new strains. I’m not going to be in any 5Ks that are not virtual … I am reluctant to mingle with that many people right now and I still tend to group all my errands together in one fell swoop when it comes to. The art store sounds nice and now you can be back in full swing with your painting again like before the pandemic wreaked havoc with our lives.

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      • I went to the store this morning and there were a number of people without masks shopping. Some of the staff also didn’t wear masks. I’m keeping mine on indoors with strangers. Cases have gone down quite a bit here too and I hope it stays that way. I’m with you on caution since it’s impossible to tell who has really been vaccinated.

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      • I was surprised no one was maskless at my grocery store, given the fact that we are far from herd immunity in our state, due in part to the anti-vaxxers. At the Park, I know I could go without, but I’m keeping it on for now, but switched to paper marks during this heat wave … still protection but no heavy mask. For the stores, I’m still using two masks.

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  6. We had our first lunch outside of a restaurant last week — it was a real treat! It’s nice to hear that we are not the only ones stiikcing to the rules! It seems some people had a lot more fun but hey …

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    • It’s nice to hear that normalcy is returning to your corner of the world as well. It’s been a tedious time since we all were forced to stay home for so long, but I am glad to still be around for some post-coved fun and keeping in touch with bloggers around the world. Take care and remain safe! 🙂

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