Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Coral-ish Colors

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Here is my first try at participating in the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge  hosted this week by Thesnowmeltssomewhere
and the theme today is

Coral-ish Colors

This coral colored cape fuchsia is a hummingbird magnet all summer long.

Be sure to check out Snow’s coral-ish post for instructions on how to participate
in the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge!
Go have a look!

Happy Friday!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

42 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Coral-ish Colors”

    • Thank you Kim! We’ve had an unusually mild winter so far here in Portland. Real frost only twice! My pineapple sage still has a few blossoms on it to entice the hummingbirds to visit. Have a wonderful weekend!


      • Do you actually have hummingbirds at this time? They migrate away from here usually by October and then we don’t see them until April. My pineapple sage is one of the first plants to succumb to frost.

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      • We do have some hummers during the winter, but definitely fewer. I could probably attract more with a feeder, but then you have to be very consistent with refilling them. Normally my pineapple sage is no longer blooming by now but without real frost they’ve just kept going. I think I’m going to look for some winter-blooming plants for the garden that would be tasty to the hummers.


    • We’re lucky it doesn’t get too cold here so there are always some colors somewhere. Yesterday I saw some pink blossoms in full bloom along a street. The hummer doesn’t come by as often as during the summer, but I do see them every so often. I hope you stay warm this weekend Linda!

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      • The nice colors and birds would inspire me Sabine – we are in the heart of Winter and everything looks dreary, dismal and cold … I am so grateful for all the days that were sunny, but cold and I could get out – I will try this morning when it gets lighter. I didn’t have time yesterday if “baby steps” or extra caution must be taken on the trail. Concerned for taking the camera in the cold … bitter cold out there, so will not take it, either the DSLR or compact. I have an old camera – considering taking it, but not sure.
        Might just take myself to ensure I get a walk and feed the “kids”.

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      • The one thing I know about taking pictures in the freezing cold is that the batteries don’t keep their charge well. I’m glad you got some sunshine! I find that always helps the mood, even in bitter cold weather. I’m sure the squirrels are very glad to see you on the walkable days! What about using your phone camera?

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      • I follow a wildlife photographer out of Tofino, British Columbia ( and I was at the Park last year and saw the heron across the Creek “fishing”. It was snowing very hard while I was there but I parked myself under a tree and shielded the lens from the snow and just as the heron caught the fish and the flash wouldn’t flash – it was like the camera died. It was cold, but not as bad as today. It seemed like the camera was in slow motion. It took the picture many seconds after I pressed the shutter button. So I mentioned it to Wayne because the picture was a bit blurry and it was a huge fish! So he told me to put the battery under my arm to keep it warm. I said “but wouldn’t that be inconvenient to keep taking it out each time you want to use it?” If it is that cold, you are already fumbling with gloves and having the camera inside your coat is bad enough and fumbling with the battery and gloves … you’d miss your shot. I do have two batteries for both the small and big camera and rotate them. My really old digital camera is just 4X zoom and uses lithium batteries that look like AA batteries, and are not rechargeable. I probably should have just used it as it’s only sitting in the drawer. I don’t have a smart phone, just a flip phone and it does have a camera, but I never have used it. I rarely go anywhere but the Park and the phone is just for emergencies and I have OnStar in the car. I work from home. It was very cold today but the sun was out – yes it made all the difference in the world … 8 degrees when I got home, but I was bundled up and it felt great. I have some pictures that I took this time last year – Shutterfly sends an e-mail and it says “these are your pictures you took this time last year” … they are identical to what I saw, so will use them and a disclaimer. 🙂


      • Well I intended to post tonight Sabine and just after I ate dinner and before I sat down to write it, I heard the news and it was colder and I turned the water in the kitchen sink in the kitchen on full force – it had been dripping all day as it’s very cold here. I wanted to let the hot water warm the pipes more than the drips. We are going to -8 windchill tonight. The whole double-sink pipes fell down in the kitchen cupboard. I saw/heard it well because the cupboards where pipes are are open to get heat in the cupboards and on the pipes (recommended during our real cold Winter periods). Nice! I called for a plumber to come out tonight if possible as I wanted to let the water drip slowly … he called and said on the way at 9:00 but it started snowing heavily, was slippery and he didn’t get here until nearly 10:00 p.m. – too much excitement for me on a Saturday night! He didn’t leave until 10:45 and I had to clean up a little. Tomorrow for sure – the way the snow is coming I hope I can make it on foot to the Park tomorrow –
        depends on whether it is slippery or not to walk. Must buy a lotto ticket and escape from Winter forever!!!

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      • Thanks – I am grateful the ordeal is over and I have stuff all over the place – I have floor tiles in the cupboard to keep the fibreboard from getting soiled or wet … tiles are all over getting dried out and the fibreboard is almost dry given all the heat in the house and the cupboards are open. The water went through, but thankfully it did not happen when I have the water dripping all night … I cannot imagine the mess.

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