Meditation in Moments … My Joyful Walk

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I step into this dreamy meadow
in the ever-changing light
the ever-changing mood
from the dark and stark
to the light and bright
to see all the sights
hear the sounds
breathe the air.
That’s what
brings me

Last week my friend Marlene asked me “What brings you joy?”
Marlene, Ive been thinking about that question ever since!

Being able to go for such a beautiful walk so close to home
with camera (or not) in hand, walking along the trails,
seeing, hearing, smelling the earth and air,
these kinds of moments always
recharge my batteries
brings me great joy.

What brings you joy?

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

18 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … My Joyful Walk”

  1. Your photos look like they bring you a lot of joy as well. Otherwise, they would not be as amazing as they are. Right now to just sit and read would bring me joy. Have not had the time for that yet. I love getting lost in a good story.

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  2. This blog post is so peaceful just like your poem. I want to be standing there as well, watching the forest unfold, the fog, the wooden walkway. These photos are just amazing Sabine and I enjoyed each and every one, but especially exquisite were the spider webs with moisture droplets on them. You outdid yourself for these!

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  3. Magical. Mysterious. Serene. Captivating. I was reaching for words to describe the photo walk you took us on. For me, joy takes on many forms – walking in nature, hearing the laughter of my grandkids, being with my hubs, my dog. I try to find joy in everyday occurrences. Thanks for asking the question, Sabine. Have a fab week!

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  4. Sabine, I think you have outdone yourself! The photos are mystic and the poem is so gentle. I love the effects you are using. I just got a copy of Paint Shop Pro this weeks (my Photoshop app stopped working it was so old!) and it has some cool effects. I want to play around with all the tutorials. You have inspired me! Do you use photo editing software and if so, which one?

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    • Thank you LuAnne! The effects come from an app I purchased for $2.99 and is called Fisheye Pro. Iโ€™ve been experimenting with the Crystal ball setting and also like the fisheye. As for a editing software, Iโ€™m using the Apple Photos that came preinstalled. Itโ€™s okay but nothing compared to Photoshop. Years ago I had the software but lost the use switching to the Mac, plus they stopped updating which made it non-functional eventually. Eventually Iโ€™d like to get photoshop again. But mostly I prefer to crop a little if needed and perhaps adjust the colors. Thanks for always reading LuAnne! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      • I’ll let you know what I think about Paint Shop Pro (by Corel) as compared to what I remember from using Photoshop for years. Paint Shop was considerably less expensive than Photoshop and got better reviews. It might take me some time to learn it though since it is set up a little differently than Photoshop. I love the effects you used in this post!

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      • Iโ€™ll have to look up the Corel! I bought Photoshop ten years ago when I took a class at a local college. That enabled me to get a super deal on the professional suite. But now Iโ€™m on a Mac and they only seem to do monthly subscriptions. But I love the app I used for some of the photos in this post. And I havenโ€™t even explored all it can do! Let me know which software you decide on and how you like it! Have a good weekend LuAnne! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  5. christine says:

    Sabine, I can’t believe I haven’t see this blog post from over a year ago. I think it is of your most beautiful! I’m so glad I just stubbled on it today.

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