Tasty Tuesday … Fresh Farm Market Summer Tacos

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When summer temperatures soar, I don’t like turning on the stove in the kitchen for any longer than necessary. This is where a quick sauté comes in handy. And since fresh corn has been really tasty this year, I’ve been buying some almost every time I go to the grocery store. While there I always grab a bag of corn tortillas for taco night. Once fresh local corn is available at the farmers market, I’ll be getting it there!

Beans make a great side dish to serve alongside your tacos. Since getting an Instant Pot last year, I haven’t bought any canned beans. Dry beans cook up so quickly in it and they taste so much better than the canned varieties. In addition you control the amount of salt you add and dried beans are usually preservative free.

Our kids always loved Taco Night!
I’d put out all the toppings and each of us would “make” their very own tacos.
It’s the perfect recipe to be creative!

Here’s one taco version:

Preheat your wok or heavy skillet on high and add a splash of olive oil.
Sauté a chopped onion, sliced mushrooms and a pinch of salt until lightly browned.

Add some halved cherry tomatoes to the pan and continue to cook over medium high heat.

Next, add fresh corn kernels and ground black pepper and turn up the heat a bit.
When everything’s a little charred it’s time to warm up some tortillas.
Place the hot tortillas on a plate and top them with sliced lettuce or arugula,
some of the sauté, sliced avocado and a splash of hot sauce.
Or fresh salsa!

Serve alongside some delicious beans!

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24 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday … Fresh Farm Market Summer Tacos”

    • That sounds really good too! Buckwheat is so tasty and also good for you. I don’t use it enough, but now I’m inspired to check out some recipes that use it. Thanks for the tip, Tom! 😊


    • I held off getting one of those Instant Pots for quite a while. I don’t follow trends and wasn’t sure if I’d really use it. Once I made dried beans and also soup in it a few times, I was sold on it. It’s a great appliance and the prices have really come down. The only thing I don’t care to cook in it is rice because it gets a somewhat gummy texture. 😬 As to Southwest inspired food, count me in! 😋

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  1. Taco Tuesday is a staple at our house. We do both meat and veg versions, or fish! Yum and yum! Thanks for the corn-mushroom idea. It’ll make it to the table soon. Have a great week, Sabine 🌮😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never had them with any kind of meat. By the time I was introduced to Mexican food in Southern California I was already a vegetarian. Whichever way they’re prepared doesn’t really matter, as long as the eater likes them! 😉

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