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Up Close & Personal … The Northern Flicker

There’s been a seemingly endless stream of bird parents bringing their fledglings to our garden this summer, teaching them how to feed themselves.  Northern Flickers are in the tree climber/woodpecker family. They are shy birds and easily spooked by people. They also always announce their […]


Avian Food Bank

  Morning, noon and night, Much to my delight, The suet, the seed and the water fountain, Turn me into a binoculared spectator on the mountain. Keeping an eye on the happenings out back, These fine feathered friends sure demand their snacks! Solitary warbler dressed […]


Please don’t poke me in the eye!

Not far from where I live, is a nature park. Beautiful hiking trails wind through white oak meadows, mixed deciduous forests and dark evergreen woods. The park is generally empty, except on weekends. We’ve seen deer, birds of prey, owls, pileated woodpeckers, songbirds and lots […]


Robins in my Cherry Tree

The dwarf cherry trees I had planted outside my bedroom window were supposed to get only 6 feet tall. Before long, they were towering giants. Early June one year, I noticed a robin build a nest. She constructed it directly in front  of the window […]