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A Peek into the Soul of Seoul

On our trip to Bali, we arranged to have a five day lay-over in Seoul, South Korea. Coming all this way, we figured we might as well see a bit of Seoul, a place we hadn’t visited before. In addition,  adjusting to the time difference […]


“Did I just hear a Needle drop?”

This ancient ceremony Originated in 1469 At the Gyeongbokgung Palace. High on the balcony The sounding of the conch shell Announces The Changing of the Guards: Brilliant costumes Flags and shields in hand Obscured by helmets These expressionless faces Appear oblivious to spectators Waiting in the glaring sun. One by one […]


The Note that saved the Day

The neighborhood looked unfamiliar. The pedestrians we had come across did not speak English. We ducked into a small cafe. The interior resembled the “Starbucks” look, but it definitely was not Starbucks! Once our coffees were ready, the young waitress came over and chatted us […]


Smooth Edges… Rough Edges…

Just like a seemingly perfect life, Windows with a breathtaking view, Can sometimes have rough edges, too. Looking out from the inside I wonder about the outside. Looking in from the outside I wonder about the inside. The people, the town, the country, the world.