Farmers Markets, Cinnamon Rolls and, Yes! I am the boys’ mother …

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While living in Windsor, California many years ago, the community started a weekly Farmers Market. Sunday mornings, rain or shine, my friend and I would meet on the Windsor Town Green. There were maybe around 4 or 5 growers selling their produce. The selection was limited, but we got something from each stand, as we were excited to finally get a market in town and wanted to do our part in helping it grow and succeed.
My family and I moved away a few years later, but every summer when I visit this area, I stroll through the Windsor market, and enjoy seeing how this once tiny, not well visited event has grown. I didn’t count the number of vendors, but there are a lot of them now! I  still recognize some of the original sellers, like the “Cinnamon Roll Ladies”.

Before we had this weekly market, I would drive down Highway 101 into Santa Rosa and shop at one of the farmers markets there. My boys always came along. They loved chatting with the vendors, and often were allowed to “help” sell produce at some of the stands, while I went around and shopped. Before leaving, we always stopped by the Cinnamon Roll stand, which to this day is run by Nicky and her mom. I would buy one cinnamon roll or a muffin and ask the ladies to please cut it in half. My boys would watch them like hawks, making sure that both halves were equal.
Fast forward 15 years later, I walked up to the stand and the ladies took one look at me and asked “Are you the boys’ mother?” I am amazed they recognized me, especially without those boys! And just to make sure they still taste as good as back then, I  bought a cinnamon roll. I was not disappointed !!


Summer was in full swing, and all the stands were overflowing with locally grown, freshly harvested fruits, vegetables, flowers and  eggs. I spotted someone selling interesting furniture made entirely from wine barrels, including a bar table with wine corks under its glass top. I noticed beautiful ceramic dishes (I bought a heart shaped brown and blue bowl) finished with non-toxic glaze, giant decorative planters built from concrete and the napkin lady was there, where I procured a new supply of gorgeous clothes napkins (chicken pattern and one set with herbs and flowers). Her napkins are homemade, and come out of the dryer looking ironed. My kind of napkin!


The only thing that was missing was having my own kitchen nearby. The aromas of freshly baked bread, coffee drinks, sandwiches and kettle corn wafted through the air. Chatting with some of the growers was interesting, in that I like to hear how these amazing people do this. It’s hard work to just grow a few things, but planting an acre organically and dealing with the water shortage is incredible. As the growers were getting their displays ready, they made it look so easy. And beautiful.


In addition to getting such great produce, I also like supporting these hard-working individuals directly. Without a middle-man! So if you haven’t visited your local farmers market lately, grab a shopping bag go. You won’t be sorry! Most of the markets also offer tables and chairs, freshly prepared and ready-to-eat food, and most  have local musical entertainment as well. Some even offer cooking demonstrations.


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15 thoughts on “Farmers Markets, Cinnamon Rolls and, Yes! I am the boys’ mother …”

  1. Your blog made me long to be there. We have a similar event; however, it is much smaller – a community grown garden worked by volunteers. Nice event. I think they give away also to those in need.

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    • This market was really small for the first few years. I was once part of a community garden as well, but each family had their own plot to tend. It was mostly fun, but for one guy who used large amounts of chemicals on his garden beds. That’s when I decided I’d just grow at home.
      I love the idea of sharing the harvest, especially with those who are struggling . I like that very much! 😀


  2. Farmer’s markets are the best places to be,. Your post makes me want to revisit my post in Winter and re-do it for fall. I love walking in the market till my feet are swollen!

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  3. Aw, darn. I’m going to miss ours again today. But it’s nothing like this one. Those cinnamon rolls look luscious. I may have to make some soon. :)) Great photos. Makes me wish I was there. How wonderful that they recognized you after all that time, but how could they not. 🙂 Talk to you soon. I might catch my breath one of these days.

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    • Good morning Marlene, I am going to ours, but won’t be getting much. I have some veggies left to us up and more canning to do.
      I love that farm market, especially since I got to watch it “grow up”.

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  4. Farmer’s markets are some of my favorite places to hang out…such a combination of interesting people and interesting “stuff.” Although I enjoy the larger markets, sometimes the best ones are the small, just-getting-started ones. Thanks for sharing. ps – wonderful photos, almost like being there.

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  5. Wow! This post is a feast for the eyes! Starting with the cinnamon roll picture followed by more and more amazing pictures. This just made me hungry! I wish it was near me, love the napkin lady and the ceramics.

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