Almost missed it … The Quilcene Community Garden

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Last week, we took a quick trip up to the Olympic Peninsula. This was my first visit the area, and one of my favorite sights along the way was this Community Garden in the small town of Quilcene, Washington. Just as I noticed it out of the corner of my eye, and drove past it on Highway 101, I instantly knew that I had to go back and check it out! I quickly turned right, went around the block and stopped the car. And I am so glad that I did!

The entrances to the garden were clearly marked by planted wheel barrows flanking the paths leading into this gorgeous garden.
In it, calendula and sunflowers were blooming, different types of tomatoes ripening and pumpkins turning orange. There were several varieties of kale and swiss chard, green and yellow beans and vigorous squash and pumpkin vines spilling over the edges of some of the raised beds. Big heads of red and green cabbages looked ready for harvest, fragrant dill and fennel and other herbs were flowering, and …

At end of the garden was a small orchard of fruit trees. Under some tall shade trees, were small groups of chairs facing the garden. I imagine that fellow gardeners meet there, sit down and relax, while chatting about their trials and tribulations in gardening.

What really amazed me was, the way these raised beds were constructed. Old clay tiles and wooden roof shingles were used to frame the beds and keep the soil in place. The irregularly shaped raised beds gave the garden a relaxed and very welcoming feeling.

If you find yourself in this area of Washington State, be sure to stop for a few moments, and meander through this beautiful garden.

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13 thoughts on “Almost missed it … The Quilcene Community Garden”

  1. It is beautiful and I love the smell of fresh dill so much. I like the way the beds are framed in the tile very pretty, looks like an old children’s book.

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  2. I’m head over heels for those outbuildings! I love the tiles to frame the planting beds and the garden itself is so lovely I would have a hard time tearing myself away too. I’m glad you didn’t miss it as well. I finally got time to comment on this though I saw this post yesterday. I would be lost in this garden. Wow!


  3. Beautiful. The clay tiles are a very utilitarian and whimsical touch at the same time. I have a plot in a community garden this year. It’s brand new, so not nearly as far along in the development, but it’s making good progress. Our season is now drawing to a close. Time to dream of next spring.

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    • Community gardens are a great way to garden. Many, many years ago I was participating in one as it was just getting started. Most of the fellow gardeners were great, except for one guy who brought in chemical pesticides and herbicides by the bucket. That concerned me, since my kids always came along and helped. I have always preferred the organic gardening methods for myself.

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