Zunday Zen … Childhood Memories from the Black Forest

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The unmistakable
scent of the
woodsy perfume
mingled with the essence of dirt.

Pine needles
tiny bits of leaves
clinging to trumpet-shaped
golden-yellow chanterelles.

Deep in the dense, dark forest
leaf mold
thickly covering the ground
like a plush carpet
the musty air
saturated with moisture,
pregnant with winter.

Remnants of the rainstorm
slowly, quietly
through the thick canopy of trees
vast patches of mushrooms
among fallen leaves.

Chanterelles, morels, puffballs, porcini, truffels
carefully gathered,
in a woven basket
always leaving some behind
to ensure
a future harvest.

through the damp, drizzling thickets
through the soggy underbrush.

Anticipating dinner
my father’s famous mushroom stew
aroma and savor of the earth, woods, Mother Nature.

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Hunting for mushrooms in the woods is one of my favorite childhood memories. My dad was an expert at identifying just about any mushrooms growing in the forests, where I grew up. Many of our neighbors would bring their finds, and have him take a look. His motto was “When in doubt, throw it out!” Whenever I go for a hike in the woods, I stop and close my eyes, take a deep breath to two, and am transported back in time. Especially after it rained!

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22 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Childhood Memories from the Black Forest”

  1. Gabi Zilliken says:

    Hallo Schwesterherz, jetzt hab ich mich auch erinnert an unseren Vater und seine Pilzsuche, damals gab es massenhaft Pfifferlinge und Steinpilze, das Pilzragout war sehr gut nur die Küche hat immer schlimm ausgesehen, heute gibt es nicht mehr viele Pilze weil die Menschen alles rausreissen aus der Erde und sie nicht nachwachsen können, wenn Ihr mal wieder in Deutschland seid gehen wir in den Schwarzwald und essen nicht nur Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte vielleicht auch Pilzragout.
    love from your Schwesterherz

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    • I wuerde das sehr gerne machen! Bei uns sind die Leute auch unverantwortlich beim Pilze suchen. Ich kann mich noch sehr gut an die Kueche erinnern. Da war kein sauberer Loeffel in der Schublade nach dem kochen! 😬 I love you Schwesterherz! 😘


  2. Your photos touch my senses. I can smell the moist ground and fungus and feel the cool damp air. I love that you, too, practice belly biology, getting right down on eye level with the ground. I will try your recipe with a variety of dried mushrooms I’ve saved from the Olympic Peninsula and some morels from Idaho. Hadn’t thought to use coconut milk, happy to have yet another way to cook with it. I didn’t realize you have so many recipes on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you! Your mushrooms sound amazing! Using the coconut milk adds creaminess and keeps the dish vegan. I use it frequently. I might have to go for a walk in the woods today since we have springlike temperatures here and glorious sunshine! 😊

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  3. Reblogged this on spencesgirl and commented:
    Just catching up on some of the blogs I follow and found this really special post from In Cahoots with Muddy Boots. I loved it and want to share it with you!


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