Happy Friday!

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Have a great weekend and fun-filled, safe 4th of July!

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Every evening in Haarlem, we walked across the street from our hotel and sat in this beautiful park, to enjoy the warm evening sunshine and watch the world go by.

Children were playing ball, young adults were enjoying a picnic, people riding their bicycles home after work, families going for an after-dinner walk, and then, we encountered Jet (pronounced “Yet”)!

Jet, the short-legged Jack Russell Terrier was a bundle of energy! She ran in circles, raced up and down the grassy lawn,chased and fetched her stick, and by the time her family took her home, she still had plenty of energy left!



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8 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. She looks like a mix with a bit of Beagle. 🙂 Jack Russell’s have that kind of energy till they die of old age. They are fun to watch though. I had a happy Friday. Took the MAX downtown with the kid to have lunch with the other kid and my sister’s ex. We still consider her family. Hope you had a great and happy Friday too.

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    • Years ago I knew someone with an older Jack Russell, she too was full of energy all the time. We thought of part beagle first as well. I didn’t know there were any short-legged Jack Russell terriers.
      Had a great Friday and will enjoy the weekend! 😎

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  2. Oh, thanks for sharing. Love the energy Jet has. Our Isabella (a chocolate labby) will fetch until she can fetch anymore. Happy Fourth of July!

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  3. Z.D. McGee says:

    Peaceful, harmonious and in the moment, like every place and each day of our lives should ideally approximate! That’s Haarlem, Netherlands.

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