Zunday Zen … Naked Ladies

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Perhaps one day soon,
we human ladies, can dance,
naked, unabashed
in the sun
like our floral counterparts.
When our inner beauty matters
as much, or hopefully more,
we can lay to rest
societies artificial beauty standards
where they belong:
alongside some
Naked Ladies.

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These Naked Ladies are from the  Amaryllis family. I first fell in love with them on a road trip in Northern California 35 years ago, where they grow wild along many narrow, winding roads in the country, and also in this historic, rural cemetery in Santa Rosa, California. Many years ago I planted a couple of bulbs in my garden, where they have been making a regular appearance at the end of summer over the last several years.

Naked Ladies blooming in my garden!

Naked Ladies blooming in my garden!

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