Zunday Zen … Time’s Up!

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Snap out of it, for
winter’s gone! Fragrant cherry
blossoms in the breeze …

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

12 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Time’s Up!”

  1. Yes, it’s time to snap out of the winter doldrums. A visit from my daughter yesterday helped. We go celebrate her birthday on Thursday but it will rain so it will be indoor activities again. 😦 The video of the lovely breeze could not have been filmed Friday. That wind was quite treacherous. Scared me when the pressure dropped. Hope you had a zen Sunday.

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    • I am glad you had a nice day with Heather! The video was on done Friday a week ago. I couldn’t believe the wind here either. We had lots of branches and debris fly into our yard and hit the windows. I went outside to check it out, and when I came back in I found a pine cone in the middle of the kitchen floor! It came right through the door!! Anyway, I keep hoping for a real sunny stretch of days in our near future. I’ll send you an email later! Have a good week, Marlene! 😊

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  2. Looks like springtime in the valley. We are a few weeks behind you guys, but trees are budding and daffodils are blooming. I think we all survived the winter!

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    • We survived winter is right!! It’s been a tough one here. For me and a number of people I know. The blooming trees and flowers do make a big difference in my mood. We still have daffodils here too, along with all the other colorful bulbs.
      Happy Spring Missy! 💐

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  3. Z D McGee says:

    Mmmmmmmm, I can smell them through my blossom iphone app just downloaded so I could access this fragrance!
    Nicely done.


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