Zunday Zen … The Cosmic Vista Point

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Great conversation,
food, wine. Gathering at the
… cosmic vista point ….

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We recently visited a friend of ours who has one of the most beautiful woodland type gardens. The rhododendrons were spectacular, the California lilacs and woodland wildflowers in full bloom and don’t even get me started on the iris!!
The iris were incredible! We even saw a bunny sitting under a tree nibbling on the grass.

What a delightful evening!!

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14 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … The Cosmic Vista Point”

    • Good morning Marlene! Everything was wilting and drooping here too yesterday. It got up to 102 at the house! I’m glad things are cooling off today. This garden, as tranquil as it is, was most probably just as hot as every other garden around Portland yesterday. 😉
      I’ll send you an email shortly!

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  1. Yes, the iris are world-class. That red rhodo in the big image is great too.

    The image at the top of the page is also intriguing. At first glance, the black & rainbow ring looked like an artful addition done on the computer. Then I saw the thin lines extending off to the right. I guess that the ring is some kind of drag chute, perhaps for whatever vehicle made the tracks in the sand.

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    • Hi Mel! I love all flowers, except for carnations, but iris are among my favorites. Not sure which picture you saw the drag chute on, but there is no driving of any kind on this property. I’ll have to back and check the post! 😉

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      • The photo with the drag chute was *above* the title of the blog. I looked at the post today and saw a different photo above the title, so I guess the blog is configured to display a random choice from the library in that position. Reloading changed the top photo again, while leaving the rest of the post unchanged. Drag chute; evergreens; pink tulips; …

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