17 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Christmas in July”

  1. That’s almost as pretty as a display of flower bouquets! Loved the variety and I would have trouble choosing too. One day I will visit. 🙂 Have a zen Sunday too. Mine will be very Zen about 7 p.m. 🙂

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    • Hey Marlene, it was quite an experience to look at all the different socks! My Sunday is going to be mellow! Finished coating the deck yesterday and now need it to cure until Tuesday. Until then I don’t want to stir up too much dust and dirt to stick to the finish!
      Glad you’re going to have a nice quiet evening tonight! 😊


  2. Z.D. McGee says:

    Wow, you really socked it to us! Nicely done, what fun, and on a day when Bellingham enjoyed sun!

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      • One of my nephews went to college in Bellingham but I never ventured there myself. That’s quite a trip for you, no? If I ever do get there, I will check out that store. Like one of your other commentors said, it does look like a garden!

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      • It’s 300 miles from Portland. If the traffic in Seattle isn’t too bad, it takes about 5 hours. It’s a gorgeous drive all the way up there, so I really don’t mind. We got stuck in traffic along a hillside covered in ferns and foxglove! First, but hopefully not last fun traffic jam!
        You should definitely check it out, I think you’d really like it! 😊

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