Happy Friday from my Fall Garden!

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The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the early evening light put a golden glow on everything.

Garden clean up has been on my to-do-list this week. I am just about finished cleaning up and trimming the plants in the front yard.  Now that I’m finally ready to start in the backyard, another round of rain is moving in. The rain is needed and will help make the soil softer for weeding. While many plants are starting to produce seed pods, others are beginning to grow new leaves. One of my favorite shrubs is the beautyberry (Callicarpa Profusion). It is loaded with berries which will turn bright purple by Thanksgiving.
The birds, and even the squirrels love them.

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At one point while observing some honeybees,  I spotted a potter wasp nearby doing gymnastics on the asparagus fern …

The weather this week was just about as perfect as it can ever get. The temperatures were in the mid-eighties, the nights warm and slightly breezy, and after dark, the woods behind us were echoing with a noisy chorus of chirping crickets! What could be more enjoyable?!

Wednesday night we sat outside until well past 11 o’clock and watched the moon slowly rise behind the tall fir trees.
Sitting there quietly in the black night, I was secretly wishing that this moment would never end. It was so peaceful …

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Goldenrod in the Golden Hour Glow

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11 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Fall Garden!”

  1. Done with gardening too just this afternoon but we don’t have much flowers though. It is still rainy season here. Are those purple Salvia flowers?

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  2. Happy Friday to you as well. Mine was quite hectic and not nearly as restful. Have been watching the half moon though. What I didn’t miss this week was the big dipper outside my bedroom window at 4:30 am. I haven’ t seen stars in ages and the sky was so clear, I saw the big dipper twinkling so bright it was amazing! I have a lot more garden work to do since I got back home today. Yours looks so very peaceful. I’m loving this cooler weather too.

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