Winter Magic at The Oregon Garden, Part 4

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There were a few families with younger kids strolling through the Oregon Garden on Christmas morning. I sure hope they were able to visit the Children’s Garden area while there. It’s a fun spot to check out.

The butterfly bench, the hobbit hole, the giant “oak ship” and the dinosaur dig are the kind of stuff most kids can’t resist exploring. Playtime is important for kids of all ages!

My very favorite part of the Children’s Garden however, was the Friendship Wall. During the warmer months, this area of the Oregon Garden must be buzzing with lots of happy activity.

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With all the cool stuff to discover, I almost missed the railroad garden! Since the train wasn’t running on Christmas Day, I’ll check it out next time.

And then I discovered something else, not inside the Children’s Garden, but nearby in the woods.

Who knew?!? A Candy Tree! Just out of reach, high up and … not a ladder in sight!!
I will have to inquire as to the exact specimen of tree … 😉

Have a Zen Zunday!
Go outside and play today …
I know I will …


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11 thoughts on “Winter Magic at The Oregon Garden, Part 4”

  1. I read this and thought I commented on it but obviously got distracted immediately. Brain on drugs. 😦 I love the candy tree and the children’s section. Have to see it when I get to go but of course, some of that is only up for Christmas. I think that’s a good place to spend Christmas. I’ll give it some thought next year. Thanks for taking me along on your visit, photographically.

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  2. Great whimsy and great fun! I feel like I made a trip to the garden with you. I love seeing things meant for kids of all ages. Have a great week, my friend!

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