Up Close & Personal … Droplets of Rain

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It’s been a warmer than usual winter here in Portland without much weather other than the usual rain. During a rain break the other day I went outside and took a closer look at raindrops through the lens of my camera.

As I am writing this post here on Sunday evening, it is actually snowing outside. I really look forward to going for a walk in the snow tomorrow morning!

Which of the raindrops did you like best?


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25 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Droplets of Rain”

  1. Only you could turn a raindrop into a work of art. I walked out on the porch last night to take photos of the snow. Just to prove we had some. It’s going to be very cold out there today. Staying inside and canceled my embroidery group.

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    • Thanks Marlene! I do love to venture outside with my camera! It’s really snowy here too and I’m going to go on a nice walk later. The weather report said it could be like this off and on all week. Good for you canceling the embroidery group and staying in! I’ll send you an email later! 😊

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  2. Rain became poetry in these photos, Sabine! So much detail in a tiny drop of water. Gorgeous! How was your walk in the snow? Have a great week!

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  3. Trish says:

    Sabine, it’s great to see how the water collects on the plant in different shapes. Here is something I get from the internet:
    In all systems within which water interacts with another surface, both adhesion and cohesion are factors. When cohesion is more of a factor, the water forms spherical droplets; when adhesion is more of a factor, we get sheets of water. — Your blog posts are always a treat.

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  4. I like extreme closeups.  While all the images are excellent, I especially liked the simplicity of img_9325 and the mix of colors in img_1735.


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