Happy Friday from my snowy Neighborhood!

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When I got up Thursday morning and opened the blinds I was greeted by a magical winter scene right outside my living room window. It had snowed again over night! After drinking my morning java, I quickly got ready to go out for a walk. It was a bone chilling 26° Fahrenheit!!

View from my window!

Come along with me on this walk! I felt so relaxed and refreshed meandering around the Loop, down to waterfall and then back up the hill again. Someone had built a giant snowman by the duck pond. Fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We live up on a steep hill and the road often gets treacherous during these snow events. This morning, our hill was as slick as a skating rink. I really had to pay attention to where I stepped on the streets and sidewalks. It was slippery!

On a clear day like Thursday, we can see Mount Hood towering to the east of Portland. The clouds were breaking up and the sunshine and blue sky felt good.

Even Mount Hood was visible!

Just a few doors down from our house I stopped to say hello to Charlie, one of the most adorable puppies ever IMHO. He was frolicking in the cold, powdery white stuff! He was all action!


Do you go for walks in your neighborhood?
Have a fulfilled weekend!


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15 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my snowy Neighborhood!”

  1. Charlie is adorable and your photos are extraordinary. I don’t go out and walk in those temps as I have you to take the photos for me. 😉 It’s another cold one today and then it will get back to normal wet and gray. Those were incredible photos. Did you take one out of the peephole on the door?

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    • Thank you Marlene for your kind words! The air was unbelievably fresh and felt so pure but the hands and fingers got frozen. I guess there’s some more snow arriving this afternoon. I’m not sure which picture you mention, but it’s not through the peephole. Our door doesn’t have one! I got these tiny clip-on lenses for the cellphone and love doing something fun with the fisheye lens. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk! Stay warm and have a nice weekend! 🙋

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      • So that’s how you did the little round photo. I’m glad the snow and frozen streets are behind us. I do love winter though. I’m ready to get outside again. Getting a haircut Monday and having the ladies over Tues. Then I finally get to relax. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend too.

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  2. Isn’t it beautiful how a fresh snow accentuates what we often see as ordinary? These photos are beautiful. And to answer your question, yes, I walk in the neighborhood but we are blessed to live across the street from a park so that place draws us there more frequently. In fact I bought this house because I love that park so much. Stay warm, Sabine!

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  3. Ali says:

    These are amazing photos, especially the last one with the reflections in the droplet of water! And your dog is gorgeous!
    Yes, I love to walk. It is my favourite form of exercise and space to reflect and muse, and really notice the world around me. We have had snow this week, and our lane has been a winter wonderland. Snow has such a transformative effect.

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    • Thanks for visiting and commenting Ali! I wish the dog was mine, but until we get another one some day I will enjoy Charlie down the street when I see him outside. I took a quick peek at your blog and will be back on the weekend to check out your posts! 🙋

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