Happy Friday the 13th from my Garden!

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The northern, or as it used be called, the red-shafted flicker, is one of my very favorite fine feathered friends to visit the bird feeders in my garden. They are very shy and spooked by the slightest of sounds or movements. I love the dotted plumes and the black bibs on their chests, but when in flight, the undersides of their wings and tail are a gorgeous rusty orange color. And as so often in the animal kingdom, the males are prettier (or should I say handsome?!) with their reddish mustaches.

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Sometimes I hear them hammering against the chimney or roof early in the morning.

Sometimes they just hang out on the back fence and watch all the other birds coming through.

And then they disappear into the woods as suddenly as they appeared at the feeder.

What kinds of woodpeckers are native to your area?

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th from my Garden!”

  1. Ali says:

    Sorry! Hit the wrong button! And greater spotted woodpeckers, which bounce around on our birdtable! I love the sound of the woodpecker. Our lime tree is dotted with holes, in neat rows.

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  2. Sabine, I love the perspectives that you get on your shots, especially the bird with a bite in his mouth. Fabulous! Happy weekend!

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  3. Great slide show at the suet feeder.

    The red-shafted version of the northern flicker may still be common in the Hudson Valley, but I have not seen one recently.  When I did see them feeding, they were usually on the ground eating ants.  Still plenty of ants.

    My suet and seed feeders do attract other woodpeckers (red-bellied and downy) and I sometimes see a pileated working on a dead tree.  Saw a very good photo of a pileated recently; it is much better than any I could hope to get:

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  4. One of the woodpeckers we have in MI is a very small one that I think is called a Downy Woodpecker.
    I love your photos of the flickers. They do look like they are wearing dotted swiss like the dresses my mom used to make for me out of dotted swiss fabric.

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  5. If you didn’t get photos of them, I wouldn’t see them. At least not in my own yard. How did I not see this post? Glad I decided to look back this morning. You capture them so well. I can usually only hear them. I think we are going to the beach today. !

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