Meditation in Moments … The Corner of Jefferson & 6th

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At the corner of Jefferson & 6th
just a stone’s throw
from the library

April’s hot summer sun
sets aglow a dazzling
presentation in pink.

Up above, power lines hum
down below, cars buzz by.

Oops! I better get going …
… on this dog day afternoon.

On my way to my writing class today I took a walk around the Community Center neighborhood. The sun’s intensity reminded of those sweltering afternoons in late summer. It’s not supposed to get this hot here so early in the season!

Anyway, my few moments of shade and urban solitude under this spectacular dogwood tree canopy were heavenly. What a treat!

I hope you are having a good week!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

21 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … The Corner of Jefferson & 6th”

    • Thanks Ali! Yes that’s a fisheye lens that came in an inexpensive set of clip-on lenses for my handy. I’ve had more fun with it than I thought I would because it gives one such a different perspective of whatever is seen through it!


  1. Gorgeous! It’s been pretty amazing. I plan to be outside in the yard today. There’s lots to do and the weather is unbelievable! Happy week, Sabine!

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    • Good morning Marlene! I don’t think I ever appreciated dogwoods enough until last spring. They really are quite a sight! I’m going outside to play too! Just got my seed box out and will plant a flower corner today. Enjoy the sunshine! 🙋

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  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful dogwood and your thoughts on a hot afternoon. I really enjoyed them.(Especially since here today it has been gray, cloudy, and cool all day.)

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    • I am glad you enjoyed this post Anne! We awoke to a gray sky today and should get some rain for the next few days. I think it will actually feel good after the heat and the garden sure looks a little wilted, limp and in need of a drink of water.


    • Trudy, I miss the WP classes too! The interaction on the boards were great as were all the assignments. Maybe they’ll offer them again some day!?
      As to the class I am taking right now, it’s going great. First I lucked into it through a good friend who signed me up along with herself. It’s a free 11 week class which is taught by a local published author. So far we’ve been going over things like developing a story line, characters, how to bring stories alive, libel, etc.. We will also learn about finding editors, how to publish in different ways and lots more. She’d also like to get us to continue together after the class. I am enjoying it a lot as she covers stuff hardly anyone else ever mentions when it comes to writing!
      I hope all is well with you Trudy! I sure love how so many of us who started blogging around the same time are still sticking around! Be well! 🙋


      • I’m happy that we’re all still active as well. I do miss a couple of bloggers though. I’m glad that you have found such an enriching class, good teachers are hard to find. The WordPress classes are now alone at your own pace. I don’t even feel to enroll because what made it great was the interaction and critiques from your fellow classmates. And networking to meet new people and find new blogs. The collective thinking in this instance was very motivational. Keep up the good work with your class and have a lovely weekend, Sabine!

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      • Thanks Trudy! And yes, I agree with you on the “new” classes for which I’ve never signed up for either. Like you said, it was the interaction between us all that made it fun to participate! I still remember the first time I had to create a link!!😂 There were always helpful fellow bloggers and of course staff as well. I’m not sure I would have taken to blogging as enthusiastically had it not been for the various courses! Plus who knows if I had ever met you! 🙋


      • It probably wouldn’t have happened and ut makes me sad for newer bloggers who’ve never had that support. I would still take those courses if they were being offered in their original format.

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      • That rant would be too long. I have so many critiques about the blogging arena. Maybe I should start an opinion tab on blog because I have political, and New York rants too? I’ll think about it.

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      • Sounds intriguing! I hope that you do it! I might have to write something about it too! And don’t even get me started on rants about politics! 😂
        Anyway, have a good week!


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