Zunday Zen … zEntanglement

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Way up in the clouds
on this midsummer day
a swallowtail
gliding without hiding
joyfully jiving, suddenly diving
through trees, clouds and sky …


Pardon the Interruption while I unzengle my feet …


Down below buddleja’s aglow
honeyed fragrance’s wafting on the breeze
a swallowtail’s dream
to relish this delish’ purple panicle
then taking wing
through trees, clouds and sky …

It was such treat to be outside on the day this swallowtail came visiting my garden. First I watched the butterfly dance and whirl though the air. Suddenly it dove down towards the butterfly bush and finally landed on one of the panicles. I slowly crept closer and closer, until I suddenly realized that my feet had gotten tangled in some vines on the ground. Carefully and quietly I freed my feet, turned the video recorder on again and the swallowtail continued to feed greedily for another full minute. They rarely ever stop anywhere for very long. After the feeding it flapped its wings and took off, but not before circling the garden a few more times.

What mesmerized you this weekend?

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

12 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … zEntanglement”

  1. How beautiful – at first I thought it was a kite. You have captured it beautifully both in still and video shots. I was just mesmerized by squirrels this weekend. Our weather was gray and gloomy so I didn’t go out seeking any nice photos. The butterfly walk is scheduled for next Sunday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny day to see some beauties like you have shown us here.

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    • Thanks Linda! I have a love-hate relationship with squirrels. We get three different ones in our backyard. The Western Grey and the Douglas squirrels are fun to have visit, but the regular brown ones can be quite aggressive and destructive. They once chewed a huge hole in our deck and have destroyed countless feeders. I enjoy seeing them at the park or in the woods where they surely must be happier. But despite all that, I do love watching them outsmart me with squirrel baffles.
      Enjoy your butterfly walk Linda!

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      • Oh Sabine – I may like the squirrels on my walks because I cater to them and they come running, but I have dealt with those brown fox squirrels through the years and they are very frustrating. You’d fill the birdfeeders and no matter how many precautions you would take – baffles, the metal mesh guard that was supposedly squirrel proof, or even putting the feeder in the middle of the yard, they will seemingly fly through the air and land on the feeder while the poor birds perch on the chainlink fence sadly watching the squirrel eating their birdseed. But that said, they are a lot of fun in the Park. My grandmother got them in her attic years ago and they were very destructive and my boss used to have a fax machine at home to use after business hours. I cannot tell you how many times the phone company had to replace the outside phone line cable as the squirrels chewed on it!

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  2. What a lovely visitor! I really liked your word “unzengle” – perfect. To answer your question, I was mesmerized by my daughter’s graduation ceremony this weekend. We traveled to Denver where she received her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree. The speakers were so inspiring talking about social justice and encouraging the teachers to see each student as a whole person, unique in their own sets of skills and challenges. And I was also mesmerized by my daughter’s glowing smile during and after the ceremony.

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