Happy Friday!

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It’s been busy around here! For the past year we’ve been going through all our possessions, sorting them into keep – discard – donate and give away piles. We packed stuff up in boxes, and then started to renovate parts of our house. We’ve spent lots of time planning, choosing the materials and most importantly, finding the right people to do the actual work. The new kitchen counters turned out really nicely I think and I don’t miss the microwave (except for its clock and timer) we chose to not replace when it broke. I’ve never been fond of microwaves anyway.

Next came picking the colors for the walls and the carpeting. We’ve lived here for over 13 years, and even though the house was in good shape when we got it, things have started to wear out. It’s been very educational investigating all the steps involved in a remodel/update. All this has been somewhat stressful because it’s rather disruptive.

Early last Monday evening on my way home from the credit union, I sat at a red light on the freeway offramp near my house waiting for it to turn green. I was thinking about getting home and putting on some soup in my instant pot, when suddenly – kaboom – my car violently lurched forward accompanied by an incredibly loud boom. I put my vehicle into park, and slowly got out to check what the heck had happened.
As I walked to the back of the car, the driver who hit me got out of his vehicle and immediately apologized for not stopping in time.  The guy said he’d been looking down, and when he looked up, it was too late for him to stop. I think he may have been looking at his cellphone. After taking some pictures right then and there, we drove to a nearby shopping center to exchange information because it really wasn’t safe to be on the busy freeway offramp during rush hour in near darkness.

My vehicle sustained damage to the rear, and my body is sore from the violent impact. Thank god it wasn’t any worse! I know that the car will be repaired, my body will heal, and my nerves will settle down. It was just so unexpected! Guess that’s what makes an accident an accident!

Did you know that over 50% of car accidents happen within 5 miles of home?

I did go see my doctor, who was incredibly kind and compassionate. She checked me over and said it will take a little time to heal and recover. So I’m trying my best to be patient! This coming Tuesday, the painters will start painting and after that another crew will replace the worn out carpeting. I look forward to having everything back in its place and just taking it easy for a while.

Be safe, and please don’t be one of those people who drive distracted!
Have a great weekend!

Autumn leaves outside my doctor’s office.

P.S. All this has put me behind on all the great posts in my reader.
As time allows, I will catch up! 😉

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23 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Wow! You went from exciting to crazy. Sorry about your accident, happy for your remodel! And very glad you are okay. Take care and have a great weekend, Sabine.

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  2. Your kitchen looks so bright and airy Sabine. I gave my microwave to my neighbor years ago. My counter-top and butcher block space is limited and I can barely accommodate a toaster oven in the kitchen so it was downstairs on a mini-fridge. It was not convenient and one day I saw the hugest black spider walking along the top of the microwave and down the door and I brought all the food back up and said enough. The basement is finished, but cluttered and I gave the microwave away. I’m sorry to hear about the accident – likely texting. Wednesday I was walking and a woman was talking on the phone, didn’t see me. Had I stepped off the curb, she’d have run me over – she turned and mouthed “sorry” but “sorry” doesn’t cut it when you don’t pay attention. You have enough happening when house renovations are in play – I know … our house was small when we had the last painting and papering job done. The woman took forever to get the job done and our house was in turmoil for weeks. Hope the car damage was not too extensive and you heal up quickly.


    • Thank you Linda! The insurance will pay for the damages since the guy told me he had no insurance. Every day I’m out and about I see people driving and walking talking and texting. A while back someone ran a red light, almost hit me and then gave me the middle finger! 😳 We like our house light because the winters are so long and grey and it’s just more cheerful. I feel lucky to have lots of space in this kitchen, all the ones in the past were rather small. I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of the remodel goes smoothly and quickly. This is our first remodel ever, and it’s been quite an experience. So far a good one too. May it stay that way!

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      • I wish you the best on it Sabine – it was trying for my mom and I as well. We thought it would never end and it was late Fall and my mom said “there is no way we are putting up any Christmas decorations this year” – I agreed. This house is small so to put out Christmas decor means squirreling away the regular stuff, and it took a day to decorate and another day to put everything away. I’ve not had decorations out in 9 years since it is only me now.

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      • Last Christmas was the first time we didn’t get a tree or put up lights. The year before we had a bunch of family drama, so I decided I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Instead my husband and I went to the Oregon Garden for the holiday. We had a great time, and it even snowed just enough to look beautiful in pictures the night before we left. I was able to walk through the garden with my camera, all by myself! 😉 By the time we hit the road the snow had already melted. It was so nice that we’re going back this year. It’s only an hour by car from here. Most of the people I know get really stressed out by this Christmas tradition! I think we’re both smart! 😉

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  3. So glad you weren’t more banged up. The nerves may be the last to heal. I know mine would! Your kitchen looks bright and simple and clean. Perfect!! I would love to replace my “vintage” red laminate countertops with ones like yours. Perhaps soon the budget will allow!😊

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    • We looked around for a long while trying to find what we wanted at a reasonable price. Our handyman recommended a small local place which had great prices and fantastic service. We chose quartz as it is very sturdy and easy to keep sparkling. The old counters were tile and grout which was impossible to keep clean.check around and ask people in your town who did theirs. As to the accident, I’m sure I’ll be fine. The whole thing was just so unexpected and really rattled me. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙋

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  4. Your kitchen looks great! I too am thinning possessions. We recently moved to a smaller place. My hope is to have less stuff to look after across the board. So I can focus on what I do want to do. Hope you feel better soon, I also was rear ended by an uninsured driver 6 years ago. So inconvenient, to say the least.

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    • Thanks! I think most of us have too much stuff! I’m with you on having fewer things to take care of and do more of the fun things instead. It was just very unfortunate that the accident happened. I should be fine eventually and hope the other guy starts to pay better attention on the road!


  5. I’m gathering from your replies to comments that there is no residual effects from the rear end collision. You know I love the openness of the kitchen and I love the clean sleek look. I’ll be doing a lot of the same. Moving stuff seems to be in the air. It’s taking a tole on the body though. Talk to you later in the week.

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    • As of now I’m feeling okay, still somewhat sore which is manageable. So I’m crossing my fingers and taking it easy in hopes of not having any other issues from this collision. The cleaning out part of the renovations has been the best part in my opinion. It’s kind of liberating, just like going on a long trip with just a small suitcase. I haven’t missed most of the things I put away!

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  6. Sorry to hear about that car accident. A salutary reminder for all of us. I like to de-clutter too, and manage without too many gadgets in my life. I feel so much lighter if I can shed a possession or two! I wonder if autumn inspires us to do this? I have been having a really good clear out and clean up.

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    • Thank you Ali! Decluttering does make one feel lighter! Some things have been boxed up for months and I haven’t missed them. Once we’re ready to put things back I’m going to be very choosy about what stays. A large part of my “stuff” consists of books and some of those are hard to let go off. But I do look forward to when the house is back in order!


  7. christne hoex says:

    Wow, I always feel so vulnerable in traffic these days. It’s gotten so bad here. I’m very sorry to hear you were on the receiving end of such mindlessness. So glad it wasn’t worse. Wishing you a peaceful recovery.

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    • Traffic is really bad here too these days! The infrastructure can’t keep up with the ever increasing population which creates traffic jams which create impatient drivers and bad tempers! I’m glad it wasn’t worse either! Be safe and say hello to everyone Christine. 😊


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