Up Close & Personal … The Golden-Crowned Kinglet

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Last week a small flock of 5 golden-crowned kinglets visited the garden.


They are about the size of a hummingbird and can survive temperatures up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit by snuggling together in the cold.


They don’t really sit still for more than a second or two.


They bathed, preened their feathers and created quite a splash!



They spend most of their time way up high in the forest canopy.




This is the first time that I spotted golden-crowned kinglets here in our Portland Garden.



And just as quickly as they appeared in the garden
they disappeared into the forest.
Which birds are visiting your garden right now?



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15 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Golden-Crowned Kinglet”

  1. christne hoex says:

    These a truly charming little birds. New to me also. Do you know what they eat? Seeds or bugs? I still have the quail running run, towers, and phoebes. Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice!

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  2. They are so beautiful with their golden caps Sabine! How lucky you were to see them. Watching a bird take a bath in a birdbath, or even a puddle in the street, you can just see how they enjoy themselves. Years ago I had birdbaths in different sizes to cater to all sized birds, and it would make me laugh as the biggest bird would squeeze into the smallest birdbath and the water would immediately slosh up and over the rim. This post just made me smile!

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      • Yes they really get into that bath. My neighbor had a heated birdbath a few years ago. It wasn’t that big, kind of flat like a plant saucer, and she clamped it on the deck railing. The small birds would love it when the heating element melted the snow – they’d really splash away like it was a Summer day!

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      • That is funny Sabine. I had never seen anything like it before. Marge’s was either earthenware, or an earthenware color and they would line up too, even as cold as it gets here! She also had a gizmo for the Summer that worked like a small geyser. It was solar powered and she put it in the middle of one of those glass bowl fountains that sits inside a metal stand. She had it in the middle of the yard and when the sun was strong, it made this continuous little geyser of water … it not only gave the birds a treat, because as I understand it, birds are fascinated by moving water, but it kept the birdbath from getting that red film on it. Her birds had so much fun at her house!


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