Happy Friday from my Garden!

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This guy has been pressing his nose up against the patio door some mornings.
He’s even knocked on the glass with his paws!



I wonder if there is some coffee left for me?


I hope you have better luck and get to start your Friday with a tasty cup of java!
Have a great weekend!


Did I hear that the coffee is ready?

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12 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Garden!”

  1. They are very smart, social rodents. He knows you keep bird seed in there somewhere and looking to see if you can spare a little. We named ours, Sam. He did indeed open the sliding screen door and help himself to the bag of peanuts inside. If I walked down the driveway, he would meet me and stare until I turned around so he could follow me to the porch and give him his peanuts. He was never aggressive. I’d bet you could name him and he’d eventually come to his name. 🙂 Just too cute. Good shots of him.

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    • Unfortunately our squirrels here are aggressive. They just destroyed another feeder I had. So I’m discouraging them (only the brown ones) from hanging around. I do love the big grey ones and the tiny Douglas squirrels. Happy Friday Marlene!

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    • There are three grey squirrels that visit here and the tiny Douglas squirrel. Those I love but the regular ones are cute but very aggressive. They are however fun to watch outsmart me trying to keep them off of the feeders. Enjoy your weekend Missy!

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  2. This is so cute Sabine – the little squirrel you told me about before and how he presses his face to the glass to watch inside. Who can resist a face so cute? I know that I can’t. This post just made me smile as you knew it would!


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