Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Comfort Zone

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We awoke to snow this morning!
Truth be told, I’d been hoping for a good dusting.
Winter without any snow doesn’t really feel like winter to me.
But opening the patio door to see how cold it was had me close it back up in a hurry.
The windchill factor was a frigid 23°!!

Now what?
Go for a walk with my camera in this bone chilling winter wonderland?
Go upstairs with a cup of coffee and watch the winter wonderland from my …

Indoor Comfort Zone

I chose the latter!

Some neighbors braved the cold on foot …

… others braved the cold on wheels …


… like one kind neighbor, who cleared all the sidewalks …

… allowing the rest of us to stay warm in our indoor comfort zones today …

Happy Snow Day from Portland!

This week’s prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Comfort Zone. Check out the host’s Comfort Zone post at The Snow Melts Somewhere. Snow also has instructions on how you can join this challenge. In addition, I recommend scrolling down to Snow’s comment section of this post, because that’s where you can find links to other participants’ interpretation of Comfort Zone.

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23 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Comfort Zone”

  1. That man was having good fun playing with his toy. It was my last husbands favorite thing to do, ride his tractor and clear the snow. My daughter is disappointed that it will rain on Monday and not snow so she has to go into work. Her car wasn’t ready on Friday so I’m carless and staying home. Cancelled my appt. Snow was so pretty this afternoon though. Love your shots of it.

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  2. Freshly fallen snow is always pretty – I don’t blame you for getting a perspective from the inside looking out and will look forward to seeing your photos from a nature walk in the snow.

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  3. Oh it is so pretty! I could look at the window all day! Like icing sugar on the trees. My childhood ideal of Christmas time. What a great neighbour you have! He is worth gold. How did you create that last photograph, Sabine?

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    • I like the sugar icing comparison! I grew up in the snow, and after living in the snowless parts of California for so long I had forgotten how beautiful snow can be. The last photo I created using an app called “Fisheye Pro”. It was a lot cheaper than a real fisheye lens at $2.99! It has all kinds of cool features I’m experimenting with.

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      • I have heard of it, and definitely is a better option than a fixed lens. I will look into it for my daughter who is a bit of a photography buff.

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  4. Chrisitine Hoex says:

    I just heard on the news that Seattle was having record snowfall and I thought, “I bet Sabine is also getting snow in Portland.” We actually have snow on the hills to the south and the north, very pretty. It’s such a different look. There is nothing like the look of a snowscape. I love it when I’m tucked into good warm ski overalls. I can count the number of times I’ve experienced this on one hand. I hope to again someday. For now I’ll rely on your photos! Stay warm!

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