Up Close & Personal … The Spotted Towhee

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This spotted towhee visited my garden last Sunday after it had snowed. The clouds had mostly drifted off into the distance and sun rays were peeking through the forest. The afternoon lighting was beautiful and the neighborhood quiet. Suddenly this distinctly patterned bird hopped right in front of my camera. After he studied me for a bit, he jumped off the branch and into the underbrush. ย They are very shy around people and don’t pose out in the open very often.

This fluffed up spotted towhee has red eyes and a large conical bill.
A larger bill enabled this bird to eat a wider variety of seeds and insects.

The male has rufous sides, a dark hood, back and wings. The chest is white.

It has distinct white wing bars and spots on its back
and on the underside and edges of its the tail feathers.

This beautiful bird forages in small groups.
They hop around two-legged and scratch leaf litter and dirt in search of food.

They are so much fun to watch!ย 

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