Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Raindrops

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delicate raindrops
falling, bouncing, rippling …
… then stillness returns

This spot is where I like stop for a moment or two  whenever I hike the summit at the nature park near my house. This particular day was quite wet and I noticed some raindrops dripping from a branch above this well. Somehow they landed exactly in the middle of this tree well. In between falling raindrops, calmness would return to the water’s surface.

This post is my contribution to the weekly Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge this week is hosted again by Amanda from Something to Ponder About. She chose the prompt “Raindrops” in celebration of the arrival of some badly needed rain across much Australia, where she lives. Check out her post which features a stellar photo of a three-leaved clover with a perfectly spherical raindrop in the center! If you would like to participate in this weekly event, you can find instructions at the bottom of her post. In the comment section you can also click on links from different participants. There are many interpretations on the prompts every week. Go take a look!

Thank you Amanda and Snow for making this possible!

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13 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Raindrops”

  1. This post had a calming effect on me, so I can imagine seeing it in person would be even more so. There is nothing like the gentle sound of rain or rain droplets to sooth the soul. I like all the photos you captured here Sabine, but the last one with the full tree is especially nice … it almost looks like an aerial shot to me.

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    • I’ve been walking past this tree for over ten years and always check the well. It does have a calming effect, and I often wonder if creatures other than probably mosquitoes make use of the water. The last shot was sort of aerial as I just took the picture from just about straight above the water surface. 😉

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      • I think water does have that effect, but that last shot did look like you peered through a glass and the tree was miniaturized – very clever Sabine. Hopefully other creatures happen by and it does not become a haven for mosquitoes. We had an infestation of mosquitoes and ticks most of last Summer, after a prolonged period of torrential rains. Homeowners and businesses could not get their lawns cut due to the ever-present rain, setting up a recipe for disaster for worries about bites.

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      • It sounds beautiful – this is the same place where you posted the beginning of the year and showed Mount Hood in the background?


  2. Such cool shots you have created, Sabine! And you left the best til last! Wow. Fantastic to capture the tree’s reflection in the puddle. Thanks for your lovely words about my photo and for joining in with the Friendly Friday Challenge. See you next time.

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  3. Beautiful, Sabine. I especially like the last photo where the tree is reflecting in the tiny pool. Thanks for sharing the beauty and have a great weekend!

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