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Sideways Geese in the Sky

Snow from the blog The Snow Melts Somewhere picked the theme Mood for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. You can click right here to see her beautiful sunflower, which should make everyone smile and get into a sunny mood! You can also find the details in her post on how to participate yourself, and also check out entries by other bloggers.

Our winter this year struck me as particularly long and grey, but it really wasn’t. Perhaps as I am getting older, I need more sunshine all year long! Our moody April weather this spring reminds me of a nursery rhyme from my childhood in Germany.

April   April
er weiß nicht was er will
(April weather does not know what it wants to do)
erst Regen und dann Sonnenschein
(first rain, then sunshine)
dann Blitz und Donner hinten drein
(followed by lightning and thunder)
April   April
er weiß nicht was er will!
(April weather does not know what it wants to do)


Oregon Grape


Red Flowering Currant


Please stay on the Trail! Habitat Restoration!


Nesting boxes are placed all along the creek.




Downward Dog in the Sky



Then the clouds moved in!





Lots of Lichen in trees signals clean air!



Stately Oak




The Oak meadow 


Mossy fallen trees serve as a home for many critters


Fungi growing on an oak stump


Lots of flowering currant shrubs throughout the park


Big-leaf maple in bloom


I hope you enjoyed our moody April Weather Walk in the Pacific Northwest!
Thanks for coming along!

And thank you Zendog for spotting the Downward Dog in the Sky in my photograph!
Woof! 😉

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14 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Mood”

  1. So beautiful Sabine, whether it is the vibrant blooms or the moss, even the stately trees, it looks like a perfect nature hike. That blue sky (in the beginning) is a sight for these sore eyes. Sorry the gray had to move in and how interesting seeing the downward dog pose in the cloud. That’s a cute nursery rhyme. It sure fits the current weather pattern, in many places across the U.S.

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    • Thanks Linda! It was a nice walk that day. There were very few people, so I pretty much had the entire park for myself. I did like they grey skies too as they gave everything a completely different look. I want to plant a flowering red currant in my yard now! They are so beautiful and the hummingbirds love them. 😊

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      • I like the parks when they have few people in them because there are more waterfowl and other birds present then and it is quieter and more peaceful. I’ll look forward to seeing lots of hummingbird pictures once the weather is sunny and warm. I saw a butterfly today and I really don’t get that at all because it was not all that warm – it got to 60, but when I was there it was around 50 degrees and we only got to 40 degrees yesterday. Such a welcome sight!

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  2. Moody is the perfect word to describe April this year. And, your photos captured the fickle mood! Thanks for sharing, Sabine. Have a great week.

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  3. A very suiting poem – and your photos are pretty as ever. I don’t think I can ever see too many flowers! We don’t really have any over here, yet, just one species has awoken, a sort of bluebell. Pretty but rare 🙂

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