Zunday Zen … Monday … Monday!

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 tranquil Lake Ralphine’s
sweet Monday morning magic
to start the week right 



One of my favorite spots to visit in Sonoma County is Howarth Park. it’s located in the southeast part of Santa Rosa, right on Summerfield Road. One of its draws is Lake Ralphine, which is about 22 acres in size. There are several trails around it, some leading through hillsides studded with oak, madrone and manzanita trees. Part of one trail around the lake winds right along the water’s edge. Just a few minutes from where the lakeside trail started, I noticed this beautiful swan couple and their six cygnets calmly swimming and preening themselves. I stopped and almost froze because I didn’t want them to swim off. The parents definitely kept an eye on me, but never hissed or got territorial. So I just stood there and watched for a while.

Being this close to them was a magical moment!

Then I headed back towards the boathouse, where my friend Trish was waiting for me …

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13 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Monday … Monday!”

  1. Such a beautiful and tranquil post Sabine – I loved seeing the cygnets swimming after Mom and Dad – how lucky you were to see them and photograph them as well. Two years in a row I went looking for cygnets to no avail – maybe the third year will be the charm. I hope so!

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