Hummingbird Magic

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Summer is here and so are the hummingbirds!

Hummers rarely sit still. This one however just sat and sipped nectar for a few moments.

Crocosmia is a favorite hummingbird flower!


Check out the tongue down below!

I never get tired of watching hummingbirds!
And if you’re lucky they fly right up to your face to check you out!


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24 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic”

  1. These are beautiful photos Sabine – I liked seeing the hummingbirds up close enjoying this real nectar. I did not know they would go that close to a human to check you out.

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      • We do have hummers Sabine, but I never see them. My late neighbor had hummer feeders all around the house and when she had advanced COPD, she spent most of her time in the living room, so stationed two feeders there to watch her hummers. She said the same thing, that they would fly up to the window, strictly for the hummingbird food, because she had no flowers there, just bushes. She was fascinated with them and often took pictures.

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      • Linda, there is no food at my Windows for them, but they are curious and look inside … or maybe they’re attracted to their own reflection. I don’t use feeders since they require diligent cleaning and refilling. Plus I believe that natural food is better for all living creatures. 😉

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      • Yes, I’ve heard that about the hummingbird feeders – they get sticky and ants will get in and in the hot weather, the water will get contaminated as well. They are likely checking out your reflection or you. Either way, they like what they see. 🙂

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      • I never knew until recently that the hummers were so territorial. I was surprised to find that out and now you say they dive-bomb you, like you’re the enemy – that makes me smile.

        I also wanted to mention to you about the Sandhill Crane Family with the adopted gosling. Are you still popping onto Jocelyn Anderson’s site Sabine? I felt so badly last Thursday. I follow her on Twitter so she would do every new post about the family and link to her blog. She posts a lot of bird pictures and I really like her pics and narrative. Anyway, she posted that the goose had been missing since last Monday – some photographers went looking for it (they got permission to go onto the golf course which is where the family was hanging out the most). They found it had passed away by a tree. The day before Jocelyn did a cute post mentioning that both youngsters were trying to fly and got a few inches off the ground at the most. The consensus was the goose flew into a tree. Jocelyn said it was hard to believe that it was flying that high when the day before it could barely get off the ground and it might have been an stray golf ball – so then several Twitter followers said they noticed the golf course manager running down (and killing) a couple of geese with a golf cart. Soon other followers chimed in as well. Made me not only sad, but mad.

        I have to tell you about the butterfly event. It was the first time with the DLSR in about four or five weeks. I had all these things going on at the house, as a result of the garage door and other things, plus we had had some rainy weekends and then my finger. I could not hold the “grip bar” after I hurt my finger. So this was the first time out – I tried picking up the camera at home before I set out – okay, with the regular lens, so assumed the long lens would be okay too. There was no butterfly activity for the longest time – I took out the long lens after I took other photos, then waited on the butteflies. I could not hold the camera well as the lens was heavy (it’s only a kit lens, not especially long either). No butterflies so finally ended up putting it back in the case – I no sooner did that, when the two Monarchs showed up – no time to swap lenses, but I thought it was funny at any rate. I still got the desired shot, but not what I thought I was going to get – I did take the bees with the long lens though. We had such a torrential rain today that it caused a 12-car accident from vehicles hydroplaning and then smashing into one another. The weather is crazy!

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      • Sad story about the golf course goslings! As to the butterfly event, They are quite quick and erratic in their movements. I always have my telephoto lens on my camera and if I need a wider view, I just use my phone camera. I hate having to carry extra equipment around. 😉

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      • Yes, I felt very badly about the goose Sabine. I hope it was an accident only and not something nefarious. That is great that you can do so much with a touch of a button on your phone, so it is so handy.

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  2. Pretty amazing! And that he was “posing” for the photos you were able to capture! Thanks for sharing the flora and fauna of your gardens, Sabine.

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  3. More stunning photos. I enjoyed seeing the teal feathers on the little guy’s back. I wouldn’t have been able to see that if you hadn’t gotten such great close ups.

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