Up Close & Personal … The Cooper’s Hawk returns

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Imagine my surprise when I got another visit from the Cooper’s hawk Saturday afternoon!

He came swooshing through the shrubs and landed right in front of me on the birdbath. There he sat still for a few moments, then hopped onto the ground behind the beauty berry bush. The Cooper’s hawk reappeared moments later and perched himself on top of one of the bird feeder poles. He looked around, listened and sat still long enough for me to get a good look at him.

Then he ruffled his feathers, lurched forward and disappeared into the woods.

What an unexpected treat!

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22 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Cooper’s Hawk returns”

  1. What beautiful and up-close shots of this Cooper’s Hawk Sabine – you sure did get a treat with him visiting you in close proximity. It was the pictures of the Cooper’s Hawk that lured me to your site in the beginning. I wrote a post about how a Cooper’s Hawk went after one of the squirrels and Tom said “you have to read this post about a Cooper’s Hawk” and sent me your link.

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    • Come to think of it, we’re all connected! And you told me about Wayne’s blog! It really was amazing seeing him outside. Most of the time I’m seeing him through the window and despite it being almost the same distance, there’s no comparison. I was surprised that he stayed, because I was out in the open. Maybe he was really hungry?

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      • Yes we are all connected Sabine and I passed a few of your posts to Laurie while she was hiking around Mount Hood so she could see the beauty of your neck of the woods. I was just reading about a race she and her husband ran in while in Oregon (Swedish oriented) near where her son lives. The hawk is very beautiful – I was amazed at his big yellow feet sitting on the hook. I am amazed at Wayne’s eagles’ powerful legs and large feet. I never noticed how big the legs are on the raptors before seeing them up close like this. That hawk was looking for a handout from you – he really looked right at you. They were great, up-close pictures.

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      • Oregon is a great vacation spot for anyone who loves the outdoors! We have a number of races, one of the more famous ones would be Hood-to-Coast which goes from Mount Hood all the way to the coast! Raptors have incredibly strong legs and talons. Without those, they’d go hungry much of the time.

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      • Wow, I wonder if Laurie knows about that race? I’m going to mention it to her. The race she was in was the Skandia Run Race and she/Bill hope to run it next year. Here is her post – https://meditationsinmotion.wordpress.com/2019/08/15/the-scandia-run-race-report/

        They will be on a walking vacation in September in Spain. They walk 13 miles a day for a week I believe, going town to town. The tour company transports their luggage daily for them so they don’t carry anything. But they don’t usually walk, just run. I told her she’d better start getting used to walking despite being in great shape as it will be rough for them.

        You are right with the raptors – it amazes me to watch them in one fell swoop catch dinner.

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  2. christine says:

    These are spectacular images. And the wonder of having him visit you in the open in your own back yard. Super! It’s been very hot here and I was sitting out at twilight to cool off and enjoy the evening when a big bird swooped low right over my flower garden. To dark for details but it must have been a large owl. It’s always so awesome to experience these birds of prey. I share your excitement!

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