Exploring the Oregon Coast … Siletz Bay Part 3

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A large group of harbor seals hanging out …

… along with this Great Blue Heron, who was keeping an eye on everything!

Here the heron reminds me a bit of the Road Runner from the old cartoons.

Coming in for a landing!

After watching this fun scene for quite a while it was time to head back to the hotel.

Not long after, the clouds really started to move in.

It rained all night and for much of the way home.
What a delightful escape!

The End!

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15 thoughts on “Exploring the Oregon Coast … Siletz Bay Part 3”

  1. I like that heron’s “take-charge” attitude. He looks like a shepherd tending his flock, then when he bends down toward the water, it’s as if he’s communicating with the one seal. I do believe you’ve even caught him counting noses. 🙂 Did your heron make an awful screech when he takes off like Harry the Heron at my park does?

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      • You were lucky because that screech is very startling to hear. You’d think someone was torturing it. The herons will fly away screeching at the top of their lungs the entire time.

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      • I didn’t know if your herons were more polite in Oregon, although I’ve mentioned the squawking to Wayne and he says it is about every time they take off, likely because he appeared on the scene – that’s when it happens with me too. I usually interrupt a fishing expedition. I liked how your heron was just walking amongst them, like that was the most normal thing for a skinny heron to hang out with a group of large seals. 🙂

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