Hummingbird Magic!

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This magical moment lasted at most about a minute or two! I was sitting near the dahlias thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if the hummingbird would come by these beautiful flowers before they fade. Suddenly this male Anna’s Hummingbird appeared and fulfilled my wish! These are the only photos I managed to get from this brief encounter.


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38 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. I was on the phone yesterday, watching out the window as I talked. Much to my surprise, there was a hummer in our Russian sage. Then he flew to the hanging basket by the window, stopped, looked right at me and flew away. I never tire of watching them!

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  2. How lucky you were to wish it were so and along comes this Hummer. A Hummer to see and photograph will have to go on next year’s bucket list. I like how the wings are beating so quickly … do you hear the wings whirring Sabine?

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    • Yes Linda, they whirring wings can be heard from a distance! It’s a very distinct sound. That sounds like a great project for next summer. Hummers are such interesting creatures. Always in motion yet still in moments! 🙂

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      • I tried again this Summer but fell short – next year for sure. That’s amazing about the whirring wings since they are so tiny. Years ago my father had cannas and I remember my mom mentioning hummers, but I can’t recall seeing them

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      • The folks at the botanical gardens are very nice and they’ll steer me in the direction of the plants that the Hummers frequent. I’ll go back there as they have extensive gardens plus approximately 120 potted plants plus “climbers” in the conservatory. I think our Hummers are gone for the Fall, though we have record-setting, mid-80s over the next few days. Stormy as well – ugh, including today. On the bright side, it could be the Northwest and their record-setting snowfall!

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      • I was awoken in the middle of the night today by heavy downpours! I hope there’s no snow for us any time soon. I actually turned on the heater for the first time this fall. I hate doing that so early in the season. At least you were spared this wild and early snowstorm! 🙂

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      • I could have used the heat in here today but since it will be very hot tomorrow, I didn’t want to put it on today for just a few runs to heat it up, so put on clothes like a Winter day. I’m hearing Montana is really getting hit hard and 60 mph winds. as well.

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      • Me neither Sabine. I had whole-house insulation done in 2017 and I really don’t see a difference – it was 69 degrees in the house this morning and when i threw off the covers, I really felt it … we are climbing high later today and very hot tomorrow so I did not put the heat on. The only difference is that the cupboards are not so hot or cold in the Summer and Winter respectively, other than that, I am not impressed and I have two kinds of insulation … the cellulose and foam which was selected to best fit the area. And they made a mess for the ages which took me all Summer to clean up. I researched around to find the best place and chose this company based on good reviews, no BBB incidents and a handyman show who put them at the top of their list because they are family-owned and care about their customers. Because I am not a snow sports enthusiast, snow has never been fun for me. As a kid there was tobogganing and ice skating but nothing like that in recent years and I’ve never snow boarded or skiied either.

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      • Now snowshoeing I’d try – I’d feel more comfortable doing that than skiing, skating or snowboarding. My boss uses snowshoes when he goes to the Upper Peninsula in the Winter – he says it is a great workout.

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      • I have been following a place called “Custom Holidays” for a while – they do not only day trips but also short and longer traditional vacations. Most of what they offer for day trips now is a trip to the City of Detroit to the theatre and dinner but they are introducing more trips all the time. I do watch what they have and would be interested in that for going to some of the events that are farther than I would like to drive on my own.

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