Hummingbird Magic!

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Despite fewer blossoms to nourish the visiting hummers now, they still visit daily.
I watch them sip nectar and defend their territory against other birds and me.
The butterfly bushes, a hummingbird favorite, will continue to flower until the first frost.
Once the last flowers wilt, these tiny energy bundles don’t visit much until springtime.

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16 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. The hummers amaze me. They seem to defy gravity. They’ve been in our yard until the last few days. It’s turned off cold and we had a pretty good frost the night before. I think they’ve headed for warmer climes. Have a great week, Sabine!

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    • Since it turned cool and rainy here I don’t see them quite as much here either. Their aerial acrobatics are incredible! They fly like helicopters. No frost here yet, but we’ve been turning on the heater a little bit in the morning. 🙋


  2. I was just thinking that the Hummers must get tired hovering there for long periods of time, their tiny wings moving all the time, and then you called them “tiny energy bundles” – a perfect description Sabine. How sad that they will soon head to warmer climes.

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    • Many of them stay here during the winter. People put out feeders for them. I don’t because they become reliant on them. If I went away and there was no nectar, they’d go hungry. They still are around right now, just not as much.

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      • Yes, that makes sense Sabine. My friend and next-door-neighbor passed away in 2017, but she only fed the birds when she got her social security check/deposit … the rest of the time the birds went hungry.
        I stopped feeding due to the rat situation (we paid for bait boxes and bait in her yard too and though we were both told to take away birdbaths, bird feeders and not feed the birds or squirrels anything, she insisted on feeding them anyway) – I did as I was told to eliminate the rats but she was not afraid of seeing a rat – I was petrified and according to her son, he sees them at night when he sits out by his fire pit. I see their tracks and tunnel tracks from their tails in the snow. Anyway, no one feeds the birds there now … but it made no sense … she’d buy food for every feeder she had … thistle socks, regular seed, sunflower seed, suet, seed bells and it would be eaten up quickly, then nothing more the rest of the month.
        It made no sense to me. She made sugar water for the hummers so they were taken care of all season long. The neighbor with his dog out 24/7 ruined my paradise and the birds food and water source, something I had done for decades and it broke my heart to stop.

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      • Noisy and difficult neighbors are unfortunate to have nearby! I just do some sunflower seeds, suet and the birdbaths. We do have one neighbor who’s cats come through. That I don’t care for and I haven’t said anything because I don’t think it would do any good. I’m thankful for the quiet forest behind us every day!

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      • I have thought about hanging some seed bells at the Park but know the squirrels will eat them like they did the seeds left last year on the picnic table – they will gorge themselves silly and the birds will sadly just watch. I would not want a cat digging in my yard either – we had the problem many years ago, but not in a while. I am dealing with dogs … the doberman on the corner is barking and was barking at 6:00 a.m. and still barking. I was gone most of the day, and since I’ve come home, it is non-stop barking. Thankfully the dog next door is not alone so no whining … I am fit to be tied sometimes! The forest would be peaceful … my friend lives near a heavily wooded area and also enjoys the feeling of nature in her own backyard, as deer travel through or lay down in the shade in the Summertime – they also eat her hostas, other plants and her berry bushes. There is always the trade-off.

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