Hummingbird Magic!

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“Can you see me now?”

Hummingbirds never cease to amaze me!
There’s an unbelievable amount of energy packed into these tiny birds.
They appear seemingly out of nowhere, feast on their favorite flowers and then …
they disappear again. Just like that!
Sometimes if I’m lucky they’ll fly right up to my face and chatter at me.
Perhaps they’re complaining that I’m in their garden.
Every encounter with them fills me with joy.

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12 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. How quickly those little wings are whirring – all that energy on a little nectar or sugar water. You are lucky to see these hummingbirds Sabine. I am looking at these photos and they are life-sized photos. Enjoy these sweet birds … here in Michigan, we will have another five to six months until our hummingbirds return.

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    • Yes, we are lucky that some stay year round. My feeder has been a success and I watched a YouTube video on keeping the feeders clean and how to place them for more birds visiting. I’ll try to send you the link in an email. You’d love it! This lady gets hundreds of hummers all day long every day. And before you know it those gorgeous ruby-throated hummers will be back in Michigan! πŸ™‚

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      • I saw a nice video one time of a woman who made a splash-type bath for them and she had a gorgeous large garden. She showed how to make this bath out of large trays she buys at a dollar store – the platter-type trays are for chips and dip. She put a bucket underneath and a solar fountain in the “dip part” of the dish. She had so many hummingbirds enjoying that bath – I wish I could remember her name. Maybe the same as the woman you saw? It saw this video on Birds & Blooms and watched some of her other videos.

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      • No you cannot go wrong with hummers. My good friend and neighbor Marge loved her hummers so much and was sad when she took her feeders down for the year. I found the site and she spent hours there waiting for ours to return. She would have liked that splash bath for hummers. She did have a solar gizmo she put in her birdbath, but only got action when the sun was strong enough to create the shower.

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