Happy Friday from my Garden!

Happy Friday!, In my Garden, Nature, Photography, Up Close & Personal ...

Deer visit throughout the year, but in early spring we get to see young fawns.
These two weren’t afraid but some scamper off into the forest when they spot me.

Have a peaceful weekend and stay healthy and safe!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

14 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Garden!”

  1. How sweet Sabine. I saw fawn in June once at Lake Erie Metropark. A few other walkers were standing with me, all our mouths open wide as we watched them nibbling on some leaves alongside their mother … we’d have all stayed longer but it was near a swampy area and the mosquitoes were biting up a storm. My first/only fawn sighting … you sure were lucky and I like the fawn peeking between the flowers – just a cutie .

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    • Yes they are sweet Linda! But believe me, Iโ€™m grateful for the tall chain link fence. The deer often stand there looking into the garden and probably wishing they could get in. Sometimes a mother comes by with twins. Thatโ€™s even cuter!

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      • Oh, the mother and twins would be adorable to see Sabine. My friend Carol lives in NY and her backyard is right up against a woods and she gets deer walking around on her deck and looking in the doorwall at her, but, cute as they are, they chew everything in sight, even the deer-resistant bushes and plants.

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  2. Theyโ€™re such beautiful and docile creatures. We have several that live in our neighborhood. In fact, they loved my vegetable garden a little too much! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week, Sabine and a Merry Christmas!

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