Hummingbird Magic!

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When I looked out the window today I saw red!
Brilliant, bright, shiny red!
He looked like a red traffic signal!

So I stopped what I was doing and ran outside with my camera.
This male Anna’s hummingbird (and several others) have taken a liking to my garden this winter.

Earlier this winter I put out a couple of feeders which now result in daily visits.
This particular guy loves sitting up in the plum tree to keep an eye on everything.
He’s been chattering and showing off his brilliant plumage for at least a week.
Every time I come outside he flies over and chatters right in front of my face.

Today though he was busy sticking out his tongue and licking his beak.

I’ve seen hummers bore into unopened flower buds during summer many times,
but never before have I seen them drill into the tiny plum tree flower buds.

He leisurely took a few sips of nectar …

… and then noisily flew to another branch.

He made such a racket that even the deer took a look at the happenings.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Look how his colors change as he moves around in the light.

Finally, he turned away ready for take-off.

While Mr. Hummingbird was showing off he completely missed this potential mate at the feeder!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if they build a nest nearby?


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25 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. I loved that the red of the hummer made you stop. 🙂 I tend to do that when I see male cardinals or red-headed woodpeckers in the yard, I just had never related that pause to a traffic light – but it works.

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    • I wish we had cardinals and red-headed woodpeckers here. But since we don’t I’ll enjoy the creatures we do have! Hummers always make me stop. They are so much fun to watch and I love how they check me out when I’m outside. Stay safe and warm, LuAnne! 🙋‍♀️


      • thats what hummers do. However If you were to view them near sunset they have 30 minutes of gorging! They take their last drinks for the night and are always peaceful! They tolerate each other remarkably!
        My feeder has only 4 feeding stations. There are 6 of them. I’ve seen them share. One will stay hovering right beside the one perched by the feeding port. The one perched will take a sip and then lean back to allow the one hovering to get in there! I”ve even seen the one hovering standing on the head of the one perched!

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      • the feeding frenzy doesn’t seem to be happening anymore? I wonder if a few of them have taken off for the south?
        Forget about Groundhogs,If you want to know when Spring is coming watch for when the hummers begin to leave!

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      • The feeding frenzy at my feeder happens one hummer at a time. I have never heard of the hummers moving south when springtime’s on the horizon. According to the local lore here the hummers stay all year and start nesting just about around now. But for the next few days we have a real snow storm coming! ☃️


  2. Your hummer is so beautiful Sabine and I like how he turns this way and that and you are able to capture its colors. They know how hard you are working to provide sustenance to them, even in this unusually cold and snowy weather that has settled in across the U.S. I didn’t know they would bore into a bud – you would think that would not sustain them but I guess they are so tiny. I laughed when you said he was busy and didn’t notice the female. 🙂 Our hummers do not return to Michigan until May, so I’ll have to enjoy yours until then.

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    • Thank you Linda! Our worst weather is over and the power back on! The hummer stayed in the yard the entire time and I was glad to be able to provide food for him and his friends. I hope that your weather wasn’t too bad. Having all this ice made me appreciate our normally reasonable winters. Stay safe and warm!

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      • Having no power in Winter is the worst – I worry that will happen here. Our snowstorm has begun with its 10 inch projection, the Polar Vortex now too plus another big snowstorm Thursday. Not happy about any of it. I am happy your hummers were able to still eat during your cold spell and with no power. They would have starved without you so you were a lifesaver. It may be a while until I get to feed my little friends at the rate this snow is piling up. You stay safe and warm as well Sabine.

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      • Our weather was not bad until that 4.2-inch snowfall on February 4th, then it has been downhill since then, especially with this 8-inch snowfall Monday and big drifts. We have more snow early tomorrow and later in the day as well. The snow and cold is getting very old!

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      • Glad to hear that Sabine – they are mixed as to whether we have the ice storm on Sunday. It depends on what happens in the next 24 hours. We are set to have snow squalls tonight and another few inches of snow. Tomorrow’s walk to the Park ought to be really interesting as we’ve had at least a foot of snow since Monday (this is not the drifts I mentioned earlier – this is fresh snow, an inch or two every day) and we are going to be cold again tomorrow, warmer Sunday and 40+ on Tuesday – the weather is too erratic anymore. Now there will be flooding. Thank you Sabine – I hope to get out to walk this weekend, both days and will be an adventure at the Park for sure.

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      • Me too Sabine because we are getting another 1-3 inches of snow/slushy weather Sunday night. We had more snow last night, about 1 1/2 inches. We are, however, going to 42 on Tuesday and 41 on Wednesday – not a typo!

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