Happy Friday from my Climate Change Friendly Gardeners!

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All of last summer we had this personalized gardening service!
First I thought there were just two of them.
A big one and a small one.

Mostly they stayed in the grassy area where they’d nibble on what isn’t much of a lawn.

They happily munched on the grass blades, dandelions and weeds.
Before too long they started to devour ferns and crocosmia leaves.

When the weather got hot I’d find them stretched out in the pepper and tomato patch.
The cool soil probably felt good and I felt good about them weeding this plot.
They never touched the nightshade plants.

I can’t help but wonder about their conversation here!
“Don’t mention that we munched away at her lettuce, peas and carrots!”
Because that’s exactly what they did!

But mostly they were just little climate-change-concious lawnmowers.
Keeping the grass down without creating pollution.

Late in the afternoon they’d often do their yoga stretches and relax.
By summer’s end we counted five of them one time.
I’ll probably have to get some tall raised beds that they can’t get into.
I do love having them around and will try to find a solution that works for us all.


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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

27 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Climate Change Friendly Gardeners!”

  1. Here’s your solution Sabine……….go to your local supermarket and ask them for spoiled cabbage or lettuce. They usually are happy to donate them!
    Put the food in a spot away from your garden but where you can watch them. A watched Bug’s is a harmless Bug’s!
    They will much very happily on this sparing your flowers and veggies!
    A win win If you ask me and yes It will require effort from you.

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    • Great idea Wayne! I will still put in some new raised beds as that was already planned. I’ll just go the extra tall route. I guess I could also put out a sign “No Rabbits Allowed Past This Point” in hopes that they can read. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      But I really love having them around.


      • We do get some rowdy raccoons now and then and once a California quail showed up.Not sure how he ended up in the Portland suburbs! Eagle we get too but just fly-overs. Remember Wayne, our property is just a standard subdivision plot but the forest behind us makes all the difference. Once I saw what I believe was a fox in the forest.Having all these creatures come through really makes this place special. We’ve thought of moving farther out, but have not been able to find something comparable that’s also affordable. Are you right in town? Do you get any creatures besides the hummers visiting?


      • Tofino has 1800 souls,so our town is small. I live beside a forested area.
        I know when Tofino has visitors like a Cougars,Wolves or bears that they like to stay in this forested area. Kind of like a motel for them while they are on their wanderings.
        I woke up one morning around 5 am or so. I heard some noise outside so looked through the blinds to see what the noise was. I found a large bear with my outside freezer door up searching around!! I opened the sliding door and yelled loudly at it making It take off the a bat out of hell!
        I found he had eaten some fresh meats pies given to me by a friend! I went into that forested area and found where he had been eating them. I found three distinct spots of debris. Meaning he had grabbed some,taken off and eaten inside the forest. He then came back two more times! I caught him on his third visit!
        There are some Racoons about but they pass through as nobody leaves food rewards out. All animals will keep moving along searching for food. If they find it they will stay as long as it lasts.

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      • Bears are smart! I’ve never seen one up close in the wild but have heard reports that they can even open car doors if they smell food. A couple of raccoons once walked right up to some neighbors when they were barbecuing one afternoon. They’re as brazen as our squirrels. The squirrels will actually knock on the patio door looking for a hand-out. I don’t feed them because they get rather aggressive once you start. I don’t mind if they scavenge under the bird feeders but thats all they get. Next Tim your friend gives you meat pies you’ll have to keep them inside! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • yes,racoons are fed all the time because they look cute! So they can be a real problem especially since they have tiny human like hands! They can open things other animals cannot!
        I put a lock on the freezer.

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  2. I’ll be showing these photos to 3 year old Malcolm. Your photos will make the idea of “bunny rabbit” something he can really put to use in his imagination. Wonderful pictures. Lucky you. Oh, I want a real live rabbit!

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  3. Oh my, they are cute! Our garden visitors were larger – deer ๐Ÿ˜ฌ We had to drape netting over our vegetable garden so we were able to have some of the harvest. But, they did have more than a few apples, pears, lettuce and kale. Take care, my friend.

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    • We get deer too, but I’m grateful for the chainlink fence. We get to see them and keep our garden. They do walk through the neighborhood and eat flowers in the front yards. A farm/vineyard I once visited hang Ivory soap bars from strings in-between plants. The deer would chomp on them and not come back. Hopefully your deer will leave more of your veggies and fruits for you this summer!

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  4. These bunnies sure are sweet Sabine. I like how you documented their daily doin’s, right down to encroaching right into your garden and making themselves at home at their own personal produce stand. The tall raised beds should work fine as they can hop forward, but not up! And, if you have a rainy season, your veggies will be spared “wet feet” on top of it. I like their big eyes too. I see them in the neighborhood sometimes, but I have nothing much in my backyard now that lures them. The bunnies liked the Bleeding Hearts I planted for my mom. Every year I’d plant them; they would feast on them, so I finally had to give it up.


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