Up Close & Personal … Yellow Finches for Trish!

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For many years we rarely got more than a handful of American Goldfinches in our garden.
I’d buy some thistle seed, fill the feeder and wait …

… until the thistle seeds finally got moldy.
Since just about all birds love black oil sunflower seeds and suet
I decided on just those two options being served at our Sanctuary Buffet.

After several years without thistle seed in the garden I noticed a few goldfinches visiting.
Once I restarted the thistle several dozen Goldfinches started to stop by several times a day!

Goldfinches also love nibbling on the leaves of sunflower plants.
They also seem to enjoy eating spent iris flowers,

and the seeds of various other flowers I grow.

Female American Goldfinches are pale yellow to olive on their backs.

Male American Goldfinches sport a black cap and are bright yellow during the summer.

These gregarious birds always arrive in noisy large flocks.
They are a ray of sunshine on a grey day!


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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

21 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Yellow Finches for Trish!”

      • Yes Sabine – he was fairly close when I zoomed in on him with the point and shoot camera. He was stunning to see up close on that weed. I hear them in the Park all the time – some pretty joyous singing.

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      • Yes – same here and I turn my head. I heard them this morning and I was not at the Park but walking home from the dentist – I recognized the song. They are always on the move. Sometimes I don’t have the camera out and will move quietly, as least hand movements as possible and get ready to take a photo and it moves.

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      • Around here they are always on the move too! Today I’ll have to go by the feed store and replenish my seed supply. I let them go empty for a week because of salmonella issues at bird feeders in our area. I haven’t seen any sick birds, but I think caution is good. I can’t wait to go to the dentist once I am past my second vaccine! 😊

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      • I have been reading about the salmonella disease on the Audubon site – poor birds, especially since they can’t forage now and many states today had freak snowstorms, making it harder than ever to forage. Well, so far, so good on today’s vaccine. Feeling a little tired, but I did walk two miles at the Park before my 9:10 COVID shot appointment and then did some grocery shopping afterward, so that could be why too. If that’s the only side effect, I’ll be happy!

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      • I never get sick Sabine, so today it hit me hard. I have had a wide variety of symptoms today, including chills, extreme fatigue and more. My arm feels like someone stomped on it. I am going to bed in a few minutes to try to get more sleep.

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      • Thanks Sabine – I feel 100% better today and it was just like a 24-hour flu bug. I even walked this morning, though I did not intend to. I was just going to go run the car as it was 27 degrees out and then come in and eat and drink something, but it was sunny and bright, so I took car so I could come home more quickly if need be but I was/am fine now. The side effects were much worse as to my arm this time with more muscle pain and my arm is still very red and hard to lift up. I hope you don’t have this problem. I had heard in advance the side effects for Moderna shot #2 were bad. A girl at the Park had Pfizer and no side effects for the second shot. Yes, I am considered full vaccinated as of May 4th.

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      • Soon you will have the second one under your belt too Sabine – I hope it is a breeze for you. My symptoms were just for 24 hours but my arm is still red at the injection site and sore in the muscle.

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  1. The local goldfinches are happy with the same black oil sunflower seed that all the other seed eaters like, so that is the only seed I put out.

    One year, there was a little male goldfinch with the sort of aggressive personality I see in pine siskins (or in redpolls when they are around).  I called him Napoleon.

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    • Ours only come for the thistle and if I splurge on sunflower hearts. I do get a lot of pine siskins too. Both are usually peaceful. I’ve never seen a redpoll! I don’t think we have them here. Napoleon! I like it!

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