Meditation in Moments … Low Tide Special

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Right side up …

 … upside down …

… one greedy gull going to town.

Early February we had a delightful break with the rain. It gave us a chance to visit the beach for a couple of days and recharge our batteries. It was mostly sunny and not too windy. The Zendog and I so enjoyed walking along the beach, listening to the surf and watching this greedy gull devouring a crab. Amazingly, none of the other gulls interfered with this Low Tide Special. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … Low Tide Special”

  1. I was amazed that the gull could turn her head all the way upside down! I will definitely watch for that the next time I am at a beach. Fascinating.


    • LuAnne, I don’t think that I’ve seen a gull turn its head all the way around like this either. If it weren’t for the photos I might have missed the acrobatics. I will be looking at gulls more closely as well next time I’m at the beach!

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      • Yes, our photos sometimes show things we missed in real time.  I had no idea how a wren tail-braces during the quick handoff to a chick until this ancient film print came back from the lab:

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      • I know that most birds can turn their heads all the way around and that they are capable of all kinds of acrobatics. Like you said Mel, it’s easy to miss the details in real time. Is your wren back?

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  2. christine says:

    Very Nice. I saw a few cute little crabs hiding from gulls at Doran Park last week. They waved their little pincers to scare me away!

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  3. Lunch for the gull 😉 We over at the beach in February, too. It was beautiful. I had a first – a gull pooped on my hat. I was sure glad I was wearing a hat 😅 Have a great week, my friend!

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    • Oh! I often think of this happening to me when I’m at the beach. So far I’ve been lucky and I hope it stays that way since I don’t care to wear a hat. I wish you a great week too, Missy!

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      • I’ve been told it’s good luck to have a bird poop on you … I don’t know, though 😄

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