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Don’t stop talking on my account…

This poem was inspired by one of the many hikes and explorations of Northern California my friend Greer and I have enjoyed over the years. Point Reyes is a spectacular place to go hiking. They also have a very affordable hostel, which costs a fraction of […]


More Backyard Play in the Gorgeous Gorge!

After visiting the Columbia River Gorge with a out-of-town friend recently, I had promised myself, to not wait as long before going back again. Well, I am happy to report that I kept my promise to myself. Added bonus, my husband came along. It turned out […]


Sometimes, I just can’t decide.

There probably are as many different opinions and views on creativity, as there are on life. Regardless of whether one’s preference of the landscape or portrait mode, personal taste is, well, personal. For me, there is no right or wrong. Sometimes, I simply just can’t […]

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Mendocino, California

Of all the beautiful places on the Left Coast, Mendocino is special to me. Never lived there, but visited often. During the week this small artist town is generally quiet, except maybe during summer. Hiking along the cliffs of the Mendocino Headlands, looking out over […]