Don’t stop talking on my account…

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This poem was inspired by one of the many hikes and explorations of Northern California my friend Greer and I have enjoyed over the years. Point Reyes is a spectacular place to go hiking. They also have a very affordable hostel, which costs a fraction of what the inns and bed & breakfasts charge. It also makes for fantastic star gazing on a clear night, since it is somewhat isolated and removed from civilization.

Last year I entered this poem in a contest, and it was selected for publication in the Oasis Journal 2014. This is an annual event for writers over fifty. The book contains stories, poems and essays. Needless to say, I was super excited to have my poem in this book.

Sunday morning
Hiking boots laced tightly,
Knapsack packed and ready to go.
She smiles, her favorite hike at Point Reyes is awaiting.
Bright blue sky, wispy white clouds, majestic towering oaks along the trail,
Through the mist along the cliffs
The foghorn is resonating,
The waves come crashing onto the deserted, rocky beach,
Tall lanky pink foxgloves are in bloom.
The cool briny air feels crisp,
A steady breeze is blowing.
He has been tagging along the entire time.
She is glancing at him, hiking alongside her, as if they’re best of friends.
A peaceful, tranquil silence floats through the air.
His lips are moving without pause,
Silently she wonders what he is gabbing about.
Reaching the steep and narrow gorge leading to the beach,
She turns around and smiles at him.
His dark eyes gazing at her, then following her descent to the beach.
A picnic beside the waterfall,
Hungry gulls circling overhead.
Suddenly he is sitting beside her.
His lips are still moving.
She is handing him a note.
“My hearing aids are not turned on”
Staring at her in disbelieve, his lips now no longer moving.
She is smiling at him and hands him a second note:
“Don’t stop talking on my account!”
Then suddenly, and with a twinkle in his eye,
His nimble fingers are gesturing gracefully in the air,
“Can you hear me now?”

Greer hiking at Point Reyes

Greer hiking at Point Reyes

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

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