One slightly used…

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Too many books
on my shelves,
all-around the house,
upstairs, downstairs,
here, there, everywhere.

More than one
slightly used book
with dog-eared corners,
faded, tattered covers,
strange bookmarks between the pages,
hinting at its history.

Most nights,
curled up in bed,
one slightly used
book in hand,
whisking me off to
faraway lands.

Most days,
curled up on the couch,
one slightly used
book in hand,
energizing me with new ideas
of creativity.

Some nights,
organizing my collection,
with one slightly used
book in hand,
debating the question:
whether to keep or pass along this read.

Some days,
while browsing the library,
with one slightly used
book in hand,
I imagine the writer’s universe,
inspiring such vibrant prose.

Many moments,
when absorbed in one slightly used book,
I wonder,
cherished it before me,
bookshelf it lived on before mine,
its journey shall someday end.

The authentic story
behind each and every one of
these slightly used books,
shall forever remain
a mystery…cropped-composition-outside-056.jpg

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

18 thoughts on “One slightly used…”

    • Thank you! I do have too many, but am always passing them along to people I think will enjoy them. That’s why I prefer paper to Kindle, because it’s easier to share.


  1. Another book lover here, you can never have to many books to read. No matter how much space they take up, books really are a treasure and rereading them is always an option.


  2. christine says:

    This a wonderful image you create for books and their lovers. I still have one book I read when I was maybe 10 yrs. and some of the covers of paperbacks I have saved because the cover art reminds me of the experience I had reading the book.


    • Hi Christine, I too have a few books from my childhood. I sometimes look through them and think of the person who gave it to me and the occasion. I hope that e-books don’t take over, although with a kindle okoume can bring along a larger selection on trips. But for me, paper is the preferred choice. Say hello to Rosalie and Tom.


  3. I loved this. Great poem and tribute to slightly used books. I’ve loaned out new books to get them back slightly worn and somewhat easier to hold. Great post. Book lovers united.


  4. We have a stack of books on our bookshelves too but lately I haven’t had to buy any books as we’ve been visiting the library. Great poem.


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