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Don’t stop talking on my account…

This poem was inspired by one of the many hikes and explorations of Northern California my friend Greer and I have enjoyed over the years. Point Reyes is a spectacular place to go hiking. They also have a very affordable hostel, which costs a fraction of […]


Please don’t poke me in the eye!

Not far from where I live, is a nature park. Beautiful hiking trails wind through white oak meadows, mixed deciduous forests and dark evergreen woods. The park is generally empty, except on weekends. We’ve seen deer, birds of prey, owls, pileated woodpeckers, songbirds and lots […]


Oak Meadow in Winter

This was a quiet, crisp winter morning, with fluffy white clouds floating across the sky. The beautiful reflections of the oak trees in the flooded meadows made me want to sit and meditate. Only occasional sounds of robins taking a bath could be heard.  


Lost in Thought at Spring Lake Park

There’s nothing like visiting a great friend! One, with whom I can sip a glass of bubbly under the stars, go on lots of different nature hikes, share falafel wraps and sweet potato fries at East West Cafe, call when I’m feeling blue and call when […]