Lost in Thought at Spring Lake Park

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There’s nothing like visiting a great friend! One, with whom I can sip a glass of bubbly under the stars, go on lots of different nature hikes, share falafel wraps and sweet potato fries at East West Cafe, call when I’m feeling blue and call when I’m happy. My visits have become an annual ritual, where I can retrace my old stomping grounds, as well as explore new places and reflect on the countless life adventures I’ve experienced. Those quiet moments always remind me of how fortunate I am! A supportive husband, great kids and  many fabulous friends!

Lakeside Reflections

Lakeside Reflections

Sitting on the lakeside bench quietly, cell phone silenced, mind emptied, warmth of the summer sun on my back; I notice the stillness of the water. Hardly a ripple, but for the family of ducks gliding past. A great blue heron behind the willow tree is standing motionless in the shallows, waiting for unsuspecting prey.

Great Blue Heron, Spring Lake, California

Great Blue Heron, Spring Lake, California

Enormous fluffy white clouds fill the brilliant blue sky. A golden eagle circling high above the trees. Turkey vultures roosting on a sunbathed fence, wings spread wide warming their bodies. Along the path, stands a row of trees, lined up perfectly at the base of a brown hillside.

Along the Path

Along the path

Sonoma County 2013 090

Reeds teeming with blackbird nests

Just around the bend, coots are expertly navigating through thickets of reeds. Red-winged blackbirds are busy building nests.


Meandering through the oak woodland

Farther down the path, near the boat ramp, the sun is peeking through a majestic, gnarly, old oak grove.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake

Sometimes rattlesnakes nap in the sunshine on boulders, their vibrating rattles warning anyone getting too close for comfort. Early in the morning, the park is still quiet and deserted. As I meander along the path, memories of this special oasis are floating through my mind: taking the kids fishing, swimming in the lagoon on hot summer days, placing nesting boxes throughout the park for bluebirds, owls and wood ducks, feeding the ducks and geese and eating juicy, ripe blackberries, which grow along the lakeshore.

Lower trail by the lake

Lower trail by the lake

Here are many wonderful remembrances of Sonoma County. During most visits, I stop by at least twice. Just like dandelion seeds spread, take root and grow, so, many of my memories are firmly rooted here. I treasure my returns every year. IMG_0566

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

8 thoughts on “Lost in Thought at Spring Lake Park”

  1. I love the scenery. Not walking anywhere there are rattlesnakes though. Looks like I wish there were no snakes there though as it was so pretty there.


  2. christine says:

    Rosalie and I loved these pictures of spring lake. Good to remember how beautiful our own back yard is.


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