California Road Trip 2018 … Hiking Howarth Park

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One morning during my visit to Santa Rosa I met my friend Trish for breakfast at the East West Restaurant across from Howarth Park. I remember when they were located at the corner of Sonoma Avenue and Farmers Lane. The menu hasn’t changed much since those days, but the food is still every bit as good! Plus, as a vegetarian I appreciate all the options available.

Right after breakfast we crossed the street into Howarth Park. Seeing that “The Pony Express”! is still popular made me feel nostalgic, because Linda and her ponies have been working with children for as long as I can remember. Both of our boys, when they were younger, participated in her “horseman ship” classes many times over the years.

We headed up the trail right past Lake Ralphine. It’s a very small lake held in place by an ancient earthen dam. The lake is stocked with fish and very popular with fishermen, both old and young. Some people come to feed the resident ducks and geese. There are some rides here for younger children, and a great playground also. And if you’re so inclined, you can always walk from Howarth Park all the way over to Springlake and around it and back

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Along the way heard an acorn woodpecker hammering away on a tree trunk, and spotted several tiny lizards sunbathing. They were sparkling blue in the sunlight, and quickly ran off when we got close. What a great day to be out there!

Afterwards we sat down on a bench and talked a bit longer.
Then, one last look at the morning glory outside the East West Cafe
and good bye to Trish!

I love being outside.
Do you enjoy being outside too?

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11 thoughts on “California Road Trip 2018 … Hiking Howarth Park”

  1. Great photos and the colors of those flowers are stunning. I love ducks as you know and ponies as well. How could you not? It’s nice you can hike places that are beautiful. I like being outside too but not quite as much as you do. 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday.

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    • Thanks Marlene! I’m always amazed at how many cities have great urban parks and nature trails. Sonoma County, just like our Portland, is a very progressive area where people care about their environment. Ducks and ponies and all the rest of the critters just add to the fun! 😉 I just got new shoes for these kinds of adventures because my old ones finally wore out!
      Happy Sunday to you too!

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