California Road Trip 2018 … “Good Grief Charlie Brown”, Part 2

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Snoopy’s Home Ice has a bit of an alpine chalet look.
The flower boxes remind me of Europe!

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The area around the entrance.

Come on in!

Welcome to Santa Rosa!
Welcome to Snoopy’s Home Ice!

I spent many an afternoon watching our boys learn to ice-skate here.

Inside, there is of course the skating rink and the obligatory gift shop. The gift shop is actually a combination of souvenirs and dare I say kitsch for sale and a kind of Peanuts Museum of its own. Most of the walls display murals of the various characters. Upstairs I looked at a Peanut chronology, out-of-print original Peanuts comic books and, yes, even a small exhibit of international Peanuts souvenirs.

Snoopy & Friends are popular all around the world!

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 A little bit of everything Peanuts!


Isn’t this stained glass window beautiful?

Thanks for coming along to the ice arena!
And the Snoopy Gallery!


A happy place to sit!

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5 thoughts on “California Road Trip 2018 … “Good Grief Charlie Brown”, Part 2”

  1. You just have to smile when hanging out with Snoopy and friends. Thanks for sharing the smile, Sabine! Enjoy your weekend!


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