California Road Trip 2018 … “Good Grief Charlie Brown” Part 1

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Do you remember when most of us used to get a newspaper delivered in the driveway?
Some mornings the paper would be wet because it had landed right in the sprinklers.

The Sunday paper always contained lots of add inserts
and a multi-page color comic section.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy … and all the other characters
on weekdays – in black and white
on Sundays – always in color!


Check out this unbelievable mural!

Imagine all the passion that went into the Peanut Comics!

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Peek-through openings

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A Recreation of Sparky’s Studio

Come along and wander through this fun museum with me!

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Let’s go straight across the street and check out
the Redwood Empire Ice Area!

Are you a Peanut fan?

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21 thoughts on “California Road Trip 2018 … “Good Grief Charlie Brown” Part 1”

    • I’m with you on staying off the ice! The museum didn’t open until we just about moved away from Santa Rosa, but our kids did some group skating lessons at the ice rink. The place really hasn’t changed much! 😊


  1. What fun! I love Charlie Brown and the miss the Sunday funnies. Some changes in life are not so appealing. I’m curious about the Research center now. 🙂 That must have been wonderful to visit. Have a great weekend.

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    • The friend I was staying with still gets a daily paper delivered right to her front porch!! I read it every morning with my coffee. Including the Sunday edition! 😉 I hope you have a fabulous weekend Marlene!

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  2. That was a great post Sabine – is there a person alive who did not enjoy the Sunday color comics or Charlie Brown? It is almost time for The Great Pumpkin” – thanks for telling us about this place. I never knew it existed.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post Linda! I’ve been aware of this place for years, but it took moving away, and then coming back for visits, to get me there! Go figure! But it’s well worth a look if you’re ever in the area!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It looked fun and I’ve always liked Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang as well. After my family moved from Toronto, Ontario to SE Michigan, in going back to visit my grandmother and aunt, I went to see the sights in Toronto as an “outsider” … places I had never been too when I lived just 25 miles away.

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      • It sure is Sabine – it is like visiting a new place. I took a co-worker back with me in 1976 as she’d never been and there were a few new places opened up so it was like seeing it anew. You can get all around Toronto without a car – so you can leave it at the hotel if your hotel is in the City. There is the subway, streetcars and buses and in the downtown district it is lots of walking … kind of congested, but you’d want your car for other sights and attractions. I’ll look forward to your road trip to Canada. 🙂

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      • I love cities where one isn’t dependent on a car! It’ll be a while before we make it up there, but eventually it will happen. A few years ack we visited Quebec City. What a great city. We didn’t need a car, ate all kinds of delicious food and practiced our French! 😉

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      • I’ve never been to Quebec City and my grandfather was from Quebec. A fellow blogger lives there now. I took French for years, but I have forgotten most of it,which is a shame. Toronto used to have a little train to the suburbs as well. It is a great city for walking and I know you’ll enjoy it.

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      • It sounds really interesting! Thanks for the tips! If you ever have a chance to go to Quebec City do go! It’s great for walking too. We even went whale watching nearby. I think you’d like it!

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      • I didn’t know about the whale watching Sabine – I have to renew my passport as it expired a while ago, so I can’t even cross the border, even though I am Canadian. They require a passport to cross the border after 9/11 and even my green card will not suffice. I know fellow blogger Ellie does not drive, just walks everywhere or takes a taxi when necessary. My grandmother never drove and took mass transportation in Toronto her entire life – it was just readily available and inexpensive and especially since you could get transfers everywhere.

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