California Road Trip 2018 … On the Wing in Bodega Bay

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graceful great egret
coasting on a summer breeze
briny shallows below.

Bodega Bay, Bodega HeadDoran Beach and numerous hiking trails in the area make for great bird watching! Especially if you can make it out there during the week when there’s not as much traffic. I pulled off the road to check out the birds in the bay.
There were quite a few great egrets and a few blue herons feeding just a short distance from the shore. But there also was a huge scoop of pelicans bobbing in choppy waters in-between skillful dives for a meal.

Have a great start to your week!

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15 thoughts on “California Road Trip 2018 … On the Wing in Bodega Bay”

  1. Just beautiful Sabine – they are so graceful in flight aren’t they, just like the heron. Our resident heron is quite scrawny looking as he stands there, but after he tucks up his feet and goes airborne, it is a whole other story, just the epitome of grace.

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      • I always think herons need some meat on their bones, but when they take off and in flight they are graceful and beautiful. That sounds like a plan – take in the beauty and lots more photos to share with us.

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  2. Perfect! We were staying out our niece and nephew’s house a couple of years back and they had blue herons wading in the wetlands near their house. Such beautiful and majestic birds. Have a great week! It’s gorgeous out!

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